Report: First look at the “Kung Fu Kid” (aka “The Karate Kid” remake)

The Karate Kid remake which is retitled to the “Kung Fu” kid that stars Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son has just begun filming, and on set pics has surfaced the web.

See Jackie Chan and the Will Smith kid in action here:

Man, I’ll never forget the days when Ralph Macchio spoke out on this movie and he totally trashed the film, not liking the idea of his film being remade.

I don’t like the idea of the Karate Kid being remade either and it was all Will Smith’s idea.


One thought on “Report: First look at the “Kung Fu Kid” (aka “The Karate Kid” remake)”

  1. Every time I see a picture of Will Smith, the first thing I think is, “GUILTY!”
    Then I realize it’s just Will Smith that actor and then I think, “STILL GUILTY!”

    That fruity guy on YouTubes needs to make a new video saying ‘LEAVE THE KARATE KID ALONE!!!”

    I predict there will be a backlash against Will i Am and everyone associated with this horrible idea for a movie.

    I am mad about this, too, man.

    Mr.Miyagi is rolling over in his grave that this “kokujin” (as the Japs say) is ruining one of the CLASSIC AMERICAN MOVIES OF ALL TIMES.


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