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Will Manny Pac accept Floyd’s challenge???

Floyd Mayweather Jr. jail sentence is not ’til June, but he is scheduled for an HBO ppv fight on May 5th, yet, he has no opponent. Today on twitter, Floyd is calling out Manny Pac. This is a fight that everyone wants to see, I want to see it myself, and I will watch it on PPV if the fight happens.

See Floyd’s tweet, here.

Pacman still haven’t responded yet, but hopefully we’ll hear from him soon. Just one thing to keep in mind though guys, that just because Floyd and Pacman are iconic fighters, doesn’t mean it will be a good fight. It could be a boring as hell fight and it could suck. Maybe Floyd will even win again.

Floyd is off to jail for domestic violence, beating up his girlfriend. Floyd needs to be taught a good lesson and maybe Manny will teach him a good one, to never hit a woman ever again. I’d love to see Manny put Floyd’s undefeated streak to an end, but it’s tough to tell if he can do it.

I’m tired of Floyd’s undefeated streak like everyone else. I don’t watch boxing anymore, but the only fight I watched was Floyd’s fight against, Shane Mosley. I hope Floyd vs. Manny Pac happens too. If Manny refuses to fight Floyd, not sure why he would. I’m sure Floyd would call him a coward and all that if he refuses, though.

This fight will definitely help HBO PPV get a lot of buy rates for sure. Boxing needs to get popular again. I think Boxing lost it’s popularity ’cause UFC overshadowed the sport, big time.


Not a Cool Video: Floyd wins boxing title in 4th round by knockout against Victor Ortiz…

I’m glad I didn’t watch last night’s HBO boxing ppv. It would have been a waste of money because of course, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was going to take the title from Victor Ortiz. Like everyone else, I’m tired of Mayweather winning all the time. One day, Mayweather’s undefeated streak is going to come to an end and somebody’s going to take that title from  him. Will it be Manny? I hope so, but I don’t think Manny would be able to take Mayweather down either, but somebody will.

I think Mayweather clearly cheated his win but of course, he won’t admit it even though Larry Merchant tried to get him to.

Here’s the fight from last night. Mayweather and Larry gets into a heated argument after the fight. At about 10:40 in the video, I loved it when Larry said, “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.” LOL! Go Larry!

I can’t stand Mayweather Jr. like everyone else. He has a huge ego problem. He needs to shut his big mouth and one day a boxer is going to do that for him. Maybe not Victor Ortiz but somebody else will. At least Victor is a nice guy and professional acting. He actually apologized to Floyd for his actions, so kudos to that.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley…I watched it last night…

I know I said I wasn’t going to watch last night’s HBO Boxing, but I did anyways. Couldn’t resist. Why? Because I didn’t want to risk missing Mayweather Jr. losing to Shane Mosley, in case it happened…but…Shane didn’t win. Floyd Mayweather Jr. of course, still remains undefeated. It was by unaminous decision. Floyd = 118 Mosley = 110. Mosley did real good. Made off with a great start. In the beggining of the fight, Mosley was pounding on Floyd Jr. like crazy with the crowd standing up. I was even going crazy myself, I was going, “Go, go go” with my arms flying in the air…but Floyd Jr. somehow managed to overpower Shane by getting more punches than him. Toward the end of the fight, Floyd Jr. was ahead, but the last round, Mosley caught up to Floyd with the number of punches. Even though Mosley still lost, it was a very close fight. Mosley came this close to beating him.

It was no surprise to me that Floyd Jr. was going to win again. I knew it was going to happen, no matter what. I’m sure there will be a welterweight out there somewhere that is capable of knocking Floyd Jr. to the ground. Floyd Jr’s “Rich & Famous” lifestyle will one day come to an end.

I was surprised for the huge number of celebrity turns outs that attended the audience. Celebrities spotted: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his kids, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Michael J. Fox, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon, and lots of legendary boxers such as Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya were also there.

It was actually a great ppv last night. I enjoyed every boxing fight. I was also impressed with that 19 year old red head fighter who is also undefeated, forgot his name.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley this weekend…on HBO PPV…

So Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated boxing icon, has another PPV fight this Saturday night. I am not watching. Why? Simply because everybody knows Floyd Mayweather is going to win. I hate Floyd Mayweather Jr., like a lot of people. He’s an egomaniac. He’s an asshole as well, much like Tito Ortiz. Floyd Mayweather Jr., thinks he’s the best fighter in the boxing industry. I disagree, I personally think Floyd Jr., is possibly one of the worst and lousiest boxers I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him box on TV a few times, and he’s clearly a cheater. Floyd Jr. is washed up. He WILL NEVER BE in “Iron” Mike Tyson’s league if that’s who he is trying to be.

I know Tyson is old and he is retired obviously, but if Floyd Mayweather Jr. was around boxing around Tyson’s time back then, Mike Tyson would put his undefeated streak to an end.

I don’t think Shane Mosley would beat Floyd Jr. this weekend. If Shane actually wins either split decision, TKO or KO, that would be surprising…but you know Floyd is going to get it. Altough I won’t be getting HBO Boxing ppv this weekend, I’ll probably read the reports online to see who won. I enjoy professional boxing too, I just don’t watch it as much. I’m more into wrestling and UFC.

Floyd Jr. is not a good fighter that he thinks he is. He cheats his way through it. He won by mostly split decisions and TKO’s in his career record, he only won a few knockouts, that’s it. If he won by mostly KO’s in his record, that would be impressive…but…if his record is mostly split decisions and KO’s, not very good. Floyd Jr.’s undefeated streak will come to an end someday. There will be a boxer out there somewhere that will knock him out in one round. Whenever Floyd Jr. loses a fight, that will make sports history, indeed. Lets pray it happens. I wish Shane luck but I don’t think he’s gonna beat Floyd Jr. and I think everyone else would agree.

Report: Mayweather vs. Marquez last night was good, but was rooting for Marquez to win…

I watched the “Marquez vs. Mayweather Jr.” fight last night. It was a good fight. Mayweather still has his skills even if he took a two year break. Mayweather won and he is still undefeated.

Read about the fight here:


Mayweather Jr. is a punk, an egomaniac and a spoiled little rich kid. One day a fighter is going to come around to end his undefeated streak. Mayweather is thinking about retiring soon? Well, Floyd don’t have to worry about that, ’cause one day a fighter will make him retire and he will end his rich lifestyle.

I was hoping Marquez was going to win. As you can see in the scoring, Marquez was “that” close to winning but that one knock down in the second round, Marquez was done.

I’m looking forward to seeing Mayweather lose one day.