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Billy Corgan’s “Black Friday” wrestling event in Chicago, a major success…

So Billy Corgan, the leading frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, started up his own wrestling company, called Resistance Pro. It’s where they would have wrestling events in Billy’s hometown of Chicago. Well, last Friday’s event at the Excalibur nightclub was a huge success.

Billy couldn’t be there ’cause he’s stuck in a European tour overseas, but he was able to watch the event via, Skype.

Read the full story here of what went on.

Here’s a couple of videos from that night. Looks a lot of fun, wish I was there.



Report: Was Lindsey Vonn robbed or was it fair? You be the judge…

At the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, in Switzerland, Germany’s Maria Reisch ended up winning first place, because they canceled the final race due to bad weather. Maria was in a 3 point lead, and Lindsey was pretty close behind. Lindsey had another chance to take the lead, but she can’t have that chance since they canceled the last race. They ended up letting Maria take the win. Lindsey is a three time World Cup winner and her chance of winning the fourth have been ruined.

Read the full story, here.

I think Lindsey was definitely robbed. They couldn’t wait to have the final race until the weather settled down? There are other ways to handle this. I don’t think it’s fair. I think she was robbed because she’s an American, and they were tired of American’s winning it. I feel bad for Lindsey. I’ve admired her since the Winter Olympics the last time. She is a talented ski’er.

I used to go downhill skiing all the time when I was younger. It’s a fun thing to do.

Hang in there, Lindsey. I find this total bullshit. It was all done out of ego and politics.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley this weekend…on HBO PPV…

So Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated boxing icon, has another PPV fight this Saturday night. I am not watching. Why? Simply because everybody knows Floyd Mayweather is going to win. I hate Floyd Mayweather Jr., like a lot of people. He’s an egomaniac. He’s an asshole as well, much like Tito Ortiz. Floyd Mayweather Jr., thinks he’s the best fighter in the boxing industry. I disagree, I personally think Floyd Jr., is possibly one of the worst and lousiest boxers I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him box on TV a few times, and he’s clearly a cheater. Floyd Jr. is washed up. He WILL NEVER BE in “Iron” Mike Tyson’s league if that’s who he is trying to be.

I know Tyson is old and he is retired obviously, but if Floyd Mayweather Jr. was around boxing around Tyson’s time back then, Mike Tyson would put his undefeated streak to an end.

I don’t think Shane Mosley would beat Floyd Jr. this weekend. If Shane actually wins either split decision, TKO or KO, that would be surprising…but you know Floyd is going to get it. Altough I won’t be getting HBO Boxing ppv this weekend, I’ll probably read the reports online to see who won. I enjoy professional boxing too, I just don’t watch it as much. I’m more into wrestling and UFC.

Floyd Jr. is not a good fighter that he thinks he is. He cheats his way through it. He won by mostly split decisions and TKO’s in his career record, he only won a few knockouts, that’s it. If he won by mostly KO’s in his record, that would be impressive…but…if his record is mostly split decisions and KO’s, not very good. Floyd Jr.’s undefeated streak will come to an end someday. There will be a boxer out there somewhere that will knock him out in one round. Whenever Floyd Jr. loses a fight, that will make sports history, indeed. Lets pray it happens. I wish Shane luck but I don’t think he’s gonna beat Floyd Jr. and I think everyone else would agree.

Report: Jimmy Page defends Olympics performance with Leona Lewis…

Jimmy Page is dissapointed with the negative criticism he received from critics and music fans of his performance with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony. Jimmy Page defended it saying that it was an honour for him and Leona to be there performing together, and he says they did a good job performing the Led Zeppelin song “Whole Lotta Love”. Jimmy is proud of the performance and says people need to be less cynical.

More on it here:


I’ll have to agree with Page on this one. I heard audio tracks of the performance in youtube and it wasn’t all that bad.

The only reason I can think of why people didn’t like that performance is because people didn’t like the idea of a pop mainstream star performing with a legendary rock god. Everyone was probably expecting Robert Plant to sing with Jimmy Page at the Olympics. While I’m sure the Beijing Olympics asked for a Plant & Page duo for return, I’m positive that Robert Plant himself turned it down. That is probably the reason Page got Leona Lewis instead.

Keep in mind that Jimmy Page collaborated with almost every famous musician you can think of from Puff Daddy to the Black Crowes.

I mean, christ, he’s fuckin’ Jimmy Page, he can perform with who ever he wants. He doesn’t care if he plays guitar for Michael Jackson or even Ricky Martin or Usher. This man will play guitar for anybody. He just wants to play guitar no matter who he is playing with. It’s not always going to be with Led Zeppelin or Robert Plant, get over it people.


Report: John Woo takes a shot in making a sports movie based on Olympics diving…

Legendary film director John Woo wants to take a break on making action and martial arts flicks by making a strictly sports film based on the Beijing Olympics in the pool diving games. The director held a charity dinner at the Beijing Olympics and he announced that he wants to make a movie with gold medalist divers Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing.

While John Woo is wanting to make a sports film it may not happen this soon because he is still working on three other films such as the sequel to “Red Cliff”, “1949”, and a new American film called “Caliber” that stars Johnny Depp.

It is not known if John Woo will be on board to direct the Olympic sports film. For now, the man is just producing it.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


He would make a great sports film, glad he’s doing something different.


Report: Michael Phelps to host Saturday Night Live for 34th season premiere…

In the new upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, the golden boy Michael Phelps will host and will act in various comedy segments for the 34th Season Premiere of SNL on Sept 13th. Lil Wayne will be the musical guest that night.

It’s been said that the kid has never done any acting in his life before and it will be interesting to see how he does since this is live TV and all.

The Associated Press reports:


SNL probably won’t give Phelps many lines to say in his scripts since he never acted before, they’ll probably give him simple stuff so the audience can laugh at everything he says no matter what.

They’re gonna turn Phelps into a big TV star now. Don’t be surprised if they do the same to Shawn Johnson as well.


Thought: Will Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz race each other? Just the two of them?

Will Michael and Mark challenge each other a race in the swimming pool this year? Just the two of them alone? I’m sure this is something the world would be dying to see. Even if Mark Spitz is banned in China, they could still race together in the USA after the Olympics is over with completely.

It wouldn’t surprise me if NBC TV have this Michael vs. Mark swimming race in the planning stages right now.

Can Michael actually beat Mark Spitz? Now that Mark Spitz is getting old and aging, do you think he is still good as he once was back then? I’m sure the world is dying to know and I hope this race happens.


Report: Beijing Olympics ratings still going strong even with no Michael Phelps…

The Golden boy Michael Phelps maybe done with swimming in the races this year but the TV ratings for the Olympics is still going strong which is causing other major TV shows ratings to go down. The world is so glued to the Olympics that people rather watch this than movies in the theater or other TV shows.

Variety Reports:



BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps takes home 8th medal, breaks Spitz’s record…

I just knew the kid could do it. It was obvious it was going to happen.

The swimming races this year both women’s and men’s were such a thrill ride. I had such a blast watching the swimming races. It was almost like the Superbowl and Wrestlemania but even better!

Everytime you see Michael and Mark talk to each other on TV via sattelite since Mark is not allowed at the Olympics, Mark Spitz really is proud and so happy for Michael, there is no ego in Mark at all. Everytime you see Mark Spitz speaking on live TV, Mark has a huge smile on his face, that’s just a sign that he really is happy for Michael for real.

It’s too bad that Mark Spitz can’t be there live in person so Mark can watch Michael win the gold. Stupid Chinese.

Now that Michael is done with the Olympics this year, I’m sure the Olympics will go back down to ratings because everybody watched the Olympics because of Michael Phelps.

It was an amazing year. It makes you wonder how Michael is going to do the Olympics again in the future, he’ll probably do even better than this year.