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Report: Brock Lesnar wins UFC match against Heath Herring last night at UFC 87…

Former WWE star, Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”, won his match against UFC fighter Heath Herring last night at UFC 87 ppv. Brock Lesnar won the match by bringing some of his fake pro wrestling into the mix influenced by his WWE moves to trick his UFC opponent by knockin’ him for real after.

Dana White, the UFC president, was very impressed with how Lensar looked last night. The UFC officials are already predicting the UFC Heavyweight champ could be around Lesnar’s body very quickly.

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Sounds like Lesnar’s been doing good in WWE so far. Even though he hasn’t won that many matches so far, he is still a powerhouse.

I tried to buy last night’s UFC ppv so I can watch it myself last night but something was wrong with my PPV cable, the “Buy” option on the screen wouldn’t come up so I’m sure the cable company will get it back to working again soon. Since my ppv isn’t working, I just watch the Olympics instead.

I am starting to like UFC more though so I’m getting into it.