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Thought: Michael Phelps getting caught with a bong is not a big deal…get over it…

So Michael Phelps enjoys partying. He got caught with a bong once and admitted to it. So fuckin’ what! Get over it! This is another thing that sickens me about the media.

I’m 100% positive and I KNOW that most all famous people party hard. That means, smoking weed, drinking hard and getting crazy, etc. ALL OF IT! Why is it such a big deal that Michael does it?

Comedian Bill Maher, was on Jay Leno last night, and Jay asked Bill for his opinion on the Michael Phelps bong thing. Bill said, Michael is a pussy for coming out apologizing for the bong pic which he didn’t need to apologize, he said something about partying is an adult thing and the Olympics are over and done with for a long while, and Bill said Phelps can party all he wants. Ya know, I agree with Bill on this one.

Sure, smoking weed and partying maybe bad for your lungs and your health, that he would not be a good swimmer anymore because of it, but really, I can’t blame the dude for partying. He’s celebrating his historic gold medal winnings. Leave the kid alone!

How much do you want to bet that other Olympic stars are big time party animals as well? But nobody busts on them because they aren’t big and iconic like Michael is.

Mikey, if you’re somewhat reading this blog entry somehow, do what you want to do and be yourself, party hard all you want, man. If people or the media don’t like what you do, fuck ’em. Just ask Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson or Cheech and Chong. Those guys party all they want, not giving a damn what anybody thinks.

I don’t smoke weed, but I understand that most everyone does out there.


BREAKING NEWS: Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, does it 4:20 style…Olympic star enjoys his weed!!!

Michael Phelps, the Olympic star and icon, has been caught smoking a bong by the News of the World tabloid newspaper. Turns out, it is true that Michael Phelps is indeed in the picture smoking pot from a large pipe called a bong. You think sports athletes are never into drugs and alcohol, always being fit, eating right and staying healthy? Not always. The sports stars like to party hard too. Phelps himself released a statement admitting that he enjoys weed.

The Associated Press reports:


News of the World report here:


Watch out Michael, Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin will be calling you for some bong hits with them.

A weed smoker’s dream come true, partying with Michael Phelps!!


Thought: Michael Phelps should stick to swimming…not acting…

So I watched the season premiere of the new SNL last night with Michael Phelps hosting. I hate today’s SNL, the series is not as good anymore as it was in the old days, but the only reason I watched it last night was I was curious on how Michael Phelps is going to do in acting, since he never had an acting role before.

In my opinion, he was pretty bad. And like I predicted, the SNL writers gave the kid simple lines to say since he never acted before. He didn’t really talk all that much during comedy skits. If he wants to start an acting career, he needs to work on his speaking voice.

That is why actors become good actors because they have great speaking voices. Michael Phelps doesn’t have it. He should stick with sports and swimming, than trying to get fame in the entertainment media.

The only good thing about last night’s SNL was Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin with Amy Poehler as Hillary, that was hilarious. I actually laughed at the segment. In the Michael Phelps opening, the William Shatner segment was funny as well.

Since Barack Obama was supposed to be on there last night but he had to pull out due to Hurricane Ike, I’m willing to bet that Barack was originally supposed to talk to Michael Phelps from the audience in the opening skit, since Barack had to pull out, I bet SNL hired William Shatner on the last minute since he was in town.

I don’t really like SNL anymore though. I liked the older days of SNL in the 80’s and early 90’s when Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon, Chris Farley, Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell, and all those guys used to be around. SNL is no longer the same anymore.


Report: Michael Phelps to host Saturday Night Live for 34th season premiere…

In the new upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, the golden boy Michael Phelps will host and will act in various comedy segments for the 34th Season Premiere of SNL on Sept 13th. Lil Wayne will be the musical guest that night.

It’s been said that the kid has never done any acting in his life before and it will be interesting to see how he does since this is live TV and all.

The Associated Press reports:


SNL probably won’t give Phelps many lines to say in his scripts since he never acted before, they’ll probably give him simple stuff so the audience can laugh at everything he says no matter what.

They’re gonna turn Phelps into a big TV star now. Don’t be surprised if they do the same to Shawn Johnson as well.


Thought: Will Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz race each other? Just the two of them?

Will Michael and Mark challenge each other a race in the swimming pool this year? Just the two of them alone? I’m sure this is something the world would be dying to see. Even if Mark Spitz is banned in China, they could still race together in the USA after the Olympics is over with completely.

It wouldn’t surprise me if NBC TV have this Michael vs. Mark swimming race in the planning stages right now.

Can Michael actually beat Mark Spitz? Now that Mark Spitz is getting old and aging, do you think he is still good as he once was back then? I’m sure the world is dying to know and I hope this race happens.


BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps takes home 8th medal, breaks Spitz’s record…

I just knew the kid could do it. It was obvious it was going to happen.

The swimming races this year both women’s and men’s were such a thrill ride. I had such a blast watching the swimming races. It was almost like the Superbowl and Wrestlemania but even better!

Everytime you see Michael and Mark talk to each other on TV via sattelite since Mark is not allowed at the Olympics, Mark Spitz really is proud and so happy for Michael, there is no ego in Mark at all. Everytime you see Mark Spitz speaking on live TV, Mark has a huge smile on his face, that’s just a sign that he really is happy for Michael for real.

It’s too bad that Mark Spitz can’t be there live in person so Mark can watch Michael win the gold. Stupid Chinese.

Now that Michael is done with the Olympics this year, I’m sure the Olympics will go back down to ratings because everybody watched the Olympics because of Michael Phelps.

It was an amazing year. It makes you wonder how Michael is going to do the Olympics again in the future, he’ll probably do even better than this year.


BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps ties with Mark Spitz record…

The young Michael Phelps made history in the Olympics again tonight, tying with Mark Spitz’s record of 50.8 in the 100 meter butterfly race earlier tonight. At first, swimmer Milorad Cavic of Serbia was ahead but Phelps quickly caught up with Cavic and both of them raced to the end. Phelps just touched the wall to get the win just before Cavic made it on the last minute. It was a close race and Phelps came this close to being no. 2.

Phelps is done racing in the individual races but there’s always the next Olympics to break more records and win more golds.

More on it here:


It was a good race. I’m watching the Olympics now as I’m typing this.


Report: Mark Spitz upset that he wasn’t invited to watch the Beijing Olympics swimming races…

Mark Spitz, a former swimming legend of the Olympics wants to see Michael Phelps try and beat his record but he can’t. And Mark is pissed off about it!

Mark says he is impressed with Michael Phelps and he really wants Phelps to break Spitz’s record. Spitz says it will happen and he believes in Phelps.

More on it here:


China is just afraid that Spitz’s ego is gonna get in the way, that’s why they are not inviting him to see it live in person.

From the article above, that is not the case. Spitz really respects Phelps and I’m sure those two will meet up in person in the future, just not in the Olympics this year.


Report: Michael Phelps does it again in the 4 man 100m swimming relay!!!

On  yesterday’s Olympics, Michael Phelps swam by himself earlier in the afternoon but he actually lost, but became victorious at the end of last night’s Olympics for Day 3 in the 4 man team 100 m swimming relay game.

The USA team is still kicking ass. Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, and Jason Lezak did an impressive 3:08:24 world record in a very quick swimming relay. Aftter that game got over with, Phelps and his USA team celebrated the great moment by them cheering along with the audience.

Check it out:


This is why all the swimming games in the Olympics is my favorite to watch the most. Some of the Olympic games are kind of boring, but the swimming games are very exciting and intense. I enjoy watching both male and female swimming.

That last swim race at the end of the Olympics the 4 man 100 m swim was amazing to watch, it was almost like the Superbowl and I was even getting all excited and smiling. The Olympics are amazing so far!