Thought: Michael Phelps should stick to swimming…not acting…

So I watched the season premiere of the new SNL last night with Michael Phelps hosting. I hate today’s SNL, the series is not as good anymore as it was in the old days, but the only reason I watched it last night was I was curious on how Michael Phelps is going to do in acting, since he never had an acting role before.

In my opinion, he was pretty bad. And like I predicted, the SNL writers gave the kid simple lines to say since he never acted before. He didn’t really talk all that much during comedy skits. If he wants to start an acting career, he needs to work on his speaking voice.

That is why actors become good actors because they have great speaking voices. Michael Phelps doesn’t have it. He should stick with sports and swimming, than trying to get fame in the entertainment media.

The only good thing about last night’s SNL was Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin with Amy Poehler as Hillary, that was hilarious. I actually laughed at the segment. In the Michael Phelps opening, the William Shatner segment was funny as well.

Since Barack Obama was supposed to be on there last night but he had to pull out due to Hurricane Ike, I’m willing to bet that Barack was originally supposed to talk to Michael Phelps from the audience in the opening skit, since Barack had to pull out, I bet SNL hired William Shatner on the last minute since he was in town.

I don’t really like SNL anymore though. I liked the older days of SNL in the 80’s and early 90’s when Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon, Chris Farley, Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell, and all those guys used to be around. SNL is no longer the same anymore.


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