Metal Gear Solid 4

So I’ve finally started playing the video game “Metal Gear Solid 4” for the Ps3 for the past 4 or 5 days. The game is absolutely amazing. Great graphics and it almost feels like a movie. I’m playing this game in the “Solid: Normal” level so I can learn how to do the controls and get the hang of things first before I play the difficult mode. Once I beat the game in the “Normal” mode, then I’ll play the game over again by trying to beat the “difficult” mode. The game is killer though. Great action, good story. I’m already getting kind of far in the game. Even in the “normal” mode, the game is still pretty challenging and difficult.

I’ve been saving up money for a new TV so my video games can look better. I’m going for a 37 inch flat screen plasma TV with High Definition. I don’t need a big 50 inch flat screen, 37 is big enough for me. Best Buy has great prices on flat screen plasmas, when I come up with the cash soon, I’ll go for the 37 inch flat screen TV then.

I don’t watch a lot of cable TV (only a few shows), I’m just getting a new TV soon so my video games can look better and to watch movies on of course. I just want a better look and better sound for video gaming. Video games looks and sounds fine on a regular TV, but I want something even better. Get into the gaming experience!


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