My Top 5 Metallica albums…

Yeah, I know, another Metallica post, but I need to get this off my chest, to show you what my favorite Metallica albums are. The studio ones with original songs. My top Metallica albums in order:

1. Master of Puppets

(This will always be their best album ever made. This has always been my favorite metal and rock album, this album is hands down a masterpiece. Everything about this album is with perfection and amazing…)

2. Death Magnetic

(My second favorite album by Metallica, I still can’t believe the music on this great disc, it is definitely one of their best albums in years, an album full of tight songs and lots of “emotion” in the songwriting, very powerful music)

3. And Justice For All

(It is probably the darkest album they’ve ever done, it is a loud album but the songwriting is great, this is one of my most listened to Metallica albums)

4. The Black Album

(This album is real good, however, I find this to be a little overrated, some of these songs you can get sick and tired of hearing so many times but this album is a classic don’t get me wrong….)

5. Reload

(Out of the band’s three new albums, “Load”, “Reload” and “St. Anger”. I would find “Reload” being the great one. This album is staying away from “metal” but going for the alternative rock sound sure, but there are amazing songs on this disc. I like this album very much, it is another Metallica record I listen to quite often)


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