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Finally beat Metal Gear Solid 4!!!!!

Tonight, I just beat Metal Gear Solid 4 “Guns of the Patriots”. The ending wasn’t that hard to beat either. Earlier tonight I had to beat one of the final bosses, a boss called the Screaming Mantis. It took me a while to figure out how to beat the Screaming Mantis and it wasn’t too hard, I beat her with no problems at all. After beating Screaming Mantis, I had to put up with a few long storyline scenes before getting to the final boss, to fight Liquid Ocelot. You fight Liquid Ocelot with your bare hands, punching and kicking, like a wrestling match type of thing, you don’t use weapons on the last boss. Liquid Ocelot was easy to beat.

After you beat Liquid the last boss, you have to sit through long storyline segments to complete the ending. The ending of the game was very good and very touching. The reason the game has more storylines than the action is that this game is meant to be for the storyline. “Metal Gear Solid 4” made you feel like you were watching a movie on the big screen. Beautiful game though, one of the best games I’ve played in years. Now it really makes me want to buy a Playstation 2 so I can play the earlier Metal Gear Solid games.

This game took me forever to beat, very long game. Glad I finally beat the game, now I can move on to a different game. Next game I plan on playing next is “The Bourne Conspiracy”, I’ll start the Jason Bourne game tomorrow.


Just about done with Metal Gear Solid 4…

So last night when I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4, I finally beat the level “Outer Haven – Ship Bow”. The mission is, Snake is on a huge enemy ship. At the starting point, you have to reach toward the other side of the ship without being seen by enemies. It was tough for me to get to other side of the ship, it took me a long while to figure out how to do it without being caught by enemies. If you get caught or get seen by an enemy called a Frog, where it’s these women that dress up in sniper equipment, you’ve got to battle a bunch of them to survive.

That’s the point of the Metal Gear Solid series, you play a character name Snake and on the map, they give you a location where you need to go, and you need to get to that certain spot on the map without being caught by enemies. There are all kinds of different enemies throughout the game. And that’s what makes this game so addicting and fun.

I’ve got just a few more missions in the game to get through, then I have to fight the final boss, and then I’m done. It is a sick game though, I think I love it more than “Grand Theft Auto IV”. I should have Metal Gear Solid 4 beat next week or maybe even this weekend if I can.


Almost done with “Metal Gear Solid 4″…

I’m almost done with Metal Gear Solid 4, I’ve been playing it most of the day yesterday on Sunday and now I’m just starting the last act, I’m on Act 5 “Old Sun” which is the final level of the game. I’ve just got to beat through that level and then I have to fight the final boss, the Big Boss. Then I am done.

The game is hands down amazing though. Incredible graphics, good acting by the voices of the characters and incredible story. The game is very long though and it has more cut scene storylines more than the action. The game is so much fun, it is challenging and difficult.

My favorite thing about the game is toward the end of Act 4, Solid Snake sleeps on a plane and goes into a dream sequence where you get to play the original “Metal Gear” game made in 1987 for MSX2 computer that was made back into those days. In the original “Metal Gear” 1987 game, the graphics aren’t so high tech of course but still fun.

After playing this game Metal Gear Solid 4, this really makes me want to buy a Playstation 2 so I can play the rest of the Metal Gear Solid games. A Playstation 2 would only cost $100 so I can get one easily. You can’t play Playstation 2 games on a 40 GB PS3, but you can play PS1 games on it though.

I hear there is a Metal Gear Solid live action movie in the works which is good. All I heard is that Kurt Wimmer is confirmed to direct the Metal Gear Solid live action film, that’s all. No casting has been made, but rumour has it, I’ve heard that Christian Bale will play Solid Snake doing google research. I can easily see Ian McKellen playing the main villain Liquid Ocelot. The Metal Gear Solid movies would be great if made right.

The Metal Gear video games has intense storytelling, lots of cool characters, and monsters, cool action and good fighting, they would make great live action movies.

What game will I play next after I beat this one? I’ll probably move on to “The Bourne Cospiracy” ’cause I’ve never played that one yet. I could move on to “Dead Space” next, but I want to try beating some of these other games I haven’t played yet first.


Metal Gear Solid 4

So I’ve finally started playing the video game “Metal Gear Solid 4” for the Ps3 for the past 4 or 5 days. The game is absolutely amazing. Great graphics and it almost feels like a movie. I’m playing this game in the “Solid: Normal” level so I can learn how to do the controls and get the hang of things first before I play the difficult mode. Once I beat the game in the “Normal” mode, then I’ll play the game over again by trying to beat the “difficult” mode. The game is killer though. Great action, good story. I’m already getting kind of far in the game. Even in the “normal” mode, the game is still pretty challenging and difficult.

I’ve been saving up money for a new TV so my video games can look better. I’m going for a 37 inch flat screen plasma TV with High Definition. I don’t need a big 50 inch flat screen, 37 is big enough for me. Best Buy has great prices on flat screen plasmas, when I come up with the cash soon, I’ll go for the 37 inch flat screen TV then.

I don’t watch a lot of cable TV (only a few shows), I’m just getting a new TV soon so my video games can look better and to watch movies on of course. I just want a better look and better sound for video gaming. Video games looks and sounds fine on a regular TV, but I want something even better. Get into the gaming experience!


Metal Gear Solid 4

Since this game has been getting great reviews online, I decided to buy this today. Haven’t played it yet and don’t think I will today. I still want to try playing Grand Theft Auto IV online still.

As far as getting the stuff like the ethernet network cable for the PS3, I don’t need to bother. Why? Because the ethernet is nothing more of the same internet cable. I have a wireless modem hooked up to my computer, so I will use that for my PS3 for playing online with. Because the Ps3 is very close to being like a real computer, that’s what the PS3 is, a computer and a blueray player both at the same time, that’s why the graphics are so high tech and impressive. I know the wireless modem is going to work the PS3 because it’s pretty much the same thing. I plan on giving this a try and it’ll probably work. Playing games online for the PS3 is the same thing as using the internet on the computer.

I’m glad I’ve thought of this today before I bought the stuff at the mall ’cause that would have been a waste of money. I’ll start playing Metal Gear Solid 4 soon, I want to try playing GTA 4 online first.



My next two game purchases will be…

I’ve been keeping a close eye on these two games, and I will probably get these two games next. Not both at the same time since Ps3 games are pretty pricey, I will only get one game at a time. I know I have other games to play still, but I am aiming to collect as much PS3 games as possible.

So far, I only have 5 PS3 games and I only beat one of them which is Grand Theft Auto IV. Right now, I’ve just started playing a first person shooting game called “F.E.A.R.” for the PS3.

Yep, the Jason Bourne game I would probably get next ’cause it’s out in stores now, and I will probably get “Metal Gear Solid 4” down the road. I get the entire next week off from work so I’ll finally be able to go to the malls, to shop around or catch a movie or whatever. While i”m at the videogame store at Best Buy, I’ll probably get the stuff I need to play games online too.

I’m loving my Ps3 system and I’ve became addicted to this thing ever since I got it. I think the Playstation is the best videogame system out there by far. I think Nintendo and Xbox are both a little overrated, and both of those systems don’t have the best selection of games. I love the Playstation more ’cause they have more action/adventure games that I like that you can’t get on other systems. The Playstation kicks ass.

Somewhere in the future I’ll probably wind up buying a Playstation 2 system just for the older Grand Theft Auto games that you can’t get on PS3.