Just about done with Metal Gear Solid 4…

So last night when I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4, I finally beat the level “Outer Haven – Ship Bow”. The mission is, Snake is on a huge enemy ship. At the starting point, you have to reach toward the other side of the ship without being seen by enemies. It was tough for me to get to other side of the ship, it took me a long while to figure out how to do it without being caught by enemies. If you get caught or get seen by an enemy called a Frog, where it’s these women that dress up in sniper equipment, you’ve got to battle a bunch of them to survive.

That’s the point of the Metal Gear Solid series, you play a character name Snake and on the map, they give you a location where you need to go, and you need to get to that certain spot on the map without being caught by enemies. There are all kinds of different enemies throughout the game. And that’s what makes this game so addicting and fun.

I’ve got just a few more missions in the game to get through, then I have to fight the final boss, and then I’m done. It is a sick game though, I think I love it more than “Grand Theft Auto IV”. I should have Metal Gear Solid 4 beat next week or maybe even this weekend if I can.


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