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Thought: Will Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz race each other? Just the two of them?

Will Michael and Mark challenge each other a race in the swimming pool this year? Just the two of them alone? I’m sure this is something the world would be dying to see. Even if Mark Spitz is banned in China, they could still race together in the USA after the Olympics is over with completely.

It wouldn’t surprise me if NBC TV have this Michael vs. Mark swimming race in the planning stages right now.

Can Michael actually beat Mark Spitz? Now that Mark Spitz is getting old and aging, do you think he is still good as he once was back then? I’m sure the world is dying to know and I hope this race happens.


BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps ties with Mark Spitz record…

The young Michael Phelps made history in the Olympics again tonight, tying with Mark Spitz’s record of 50.8 in the 100 meter butterfly race earlier tonight. At first, swimmer Milorad Cavic of Serbia was ahead but Phelps quickly caught up with Cavic and both of them raced to the end. Phelps just touched the wall to get the win just before Cavic made it on the last minute. It was a close race and Phelps came this close to being no. 2.

Phelps is done racing in the individual races but there’s always the next Olympics to break more records and win more golds.

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It was a good race. I’m watching the Olympics now as I’m typing this.


Report: Mark Spitz upset that he wasn’t invited to watch the Beijing Olympics swimming races…

Mark Spitz, a former swimming legend of the Olympics wants to see Michael Phelps try and beat his record but he can’t. And Mark is pissed off about it!

Mark says he is impressed with Michael Phelps and he really wants Phelps to break Spitz’s record. Spitz says it will happen and he believes in Phelps.

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China is just afraid that Spitz’s ego is gonna get in the way, that’s why they are not inviting him to see it live in person.

From the article above, that is not the case. Spitz really respects Phelps and I’m sure those two will meet up in person in the future, just not in the Olympics this year.