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Report: Jimmy Page defends Olympics performance with Leona Lewis…

Jimmy Page is dissapointed with the negative criticism he received from critics and music fans of his performance with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony. Jimmy Page defended it saying that it was an honour for him and Leona to be there performing together, and he says they did a good job performing the Led Zeppelin song “Whole Lotta Love”. Jimmy is proud of the performance and says people need to be less cynical.

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I’ll have to agree with Page on this one. I heard audio tracks of the performance in youtube and it wasn’t all that bad.

The only reason I can think of why people didn’t like that performance is because people didn’t like the idea of a pop mainstream star performing with a legendary rock god. Everyone was probably expecting Robert Plant to sing with Jimmy Page at the Olympics. While I’m sure the Beijing Olympics asked for a Plant & Page duo for return, I’m positive that Robert Plant himself turned it down. That is probably the reason Page got Leona Lewis instead.

Keep in mind that Jimmy Page collaborated with almost every famous musician you can think of from Puff Daddy to the Black Crowes.

I mean, christ, he’s fuckin’ Jimmy Page, he can perform with who ever he wants. He doesn’t care if he plays guitar for Michael Jackson or even Ricky Martin or Usher. This man will play guitar for anybody. He just wants to play guitar no matter who he is playing with. It’s not always going to be with Led Zeppelin or Robert Plant, get over it people.


Report: John Woo takes a shot in making a sports movie based on Olympics diving…

Legendary film director John Woo wants to take a break on making action and martial arts flicks by making a strictly sports film based on the Beijing Olympics in the pool diving games. The director held a charity dinner at the Beijing Olympics and he announced that he wants to make a movie with gold medalist divers Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing.

While John Woo is wanting to make a sports film it may not happen this soon because he is still working on three other films such as the sequel to “Red Cliff”, “1949”, and a new American film called “Caliber” that stars Johnny Depp.

It is not known if John Woo will be on board to direct the Olympic sports film. For now, the man is just producing it.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


He would make a great sports film, glad he’s doing something different.


Report: Michael Phelps to host Saturday Night Live for 34th season premiere…

In the new upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, the golden boy Michael Phelps will host and will act in various comedy segments for the 34th Season Premiere of SNL on Sept 13th. Lil Wayne will be the musical guest that night.

It’s been said that the kid has never done any acting in his life before and it will be interesting to see how he does since this is live TV and all.

The Associated Press reports:


SNL probably won’t give Phelps many lines to say in his scripts since he never acted before, they’ll probably give him simple stuff so the audience can laugh at everything he says no matter what.

They’re gonna turn Phelps into a big TV star now. Don’t be surprised if they do the same to Shawn Johnson as well.


Report: Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis to perform Led Zepp’s “Whole Lotta Love” at Olympics closing ceremony…

Bassist Guy Pratt confirmed that Jimmy Page and pop star Leona Lewis will be performing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony Aug. 24th.

Jimmy Page have been known to do many collaborations with different music artists over the years, him performing with Leona Lewis will be his latest collaboration. Who knows, it may look like that Jimmy and Leona may do more work together in the future.

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I’ll definitely try to watch this while I’m in San Diego.

I’m leaving at 2:30 this afternoon to head to the Albany airport. It’ll be a 6 hour flight so I’ll arrive in San Diego at around 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. I’m bringing books to read and my PSP Sony handheld game system to keep me busy on the long plane ride. Plus, I’m sure the plane will show a movie on there, who knows what movie it will be, it wouldn’t surprise me if the movie is “The Dark Knight”, if it is, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again for the third time. I’ll post a goodbye post before I leave to the airport today.


Report: Beijing Olympics ratings still going strong even with no Michael Phelps…

The Golden boy Michael Phelps maybe done with swimming in the races this year but the TV ratings for the Olympics is still going strong which is causing other major TV shows ratings to go down. The world is so glued to the Olympics that people rather watch this than movies in the theater or other TV shows.

Variety Reports:



BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps takes home 8th medal, breaks Spitz’s record…

I just knew the kid could do it. It was obvious it was going to happen.

The swimming races this year both women’s and men’s were such a thrill ride. I had such a blast watching the swimming races. It was almost like the Superbowl and Wrestlemania but even better!

Everytime you see Michael and Mark talk to each other on TV via sattelite since Mark is not allowed at the Olympics, Mark Spitz really is proud and so happy for Michael, there is no ego in Mark at all. Everytime you see Mark Spitz speaking on live TV, Mark has a huge smile on his face, that’s just a sign that he really is happy for Michael for real.

It’s too bad that Mark Spitz can’t be there live in person so Mark can watch Michael win the gold. Stupid Chinese.

Now that Michael is done with the Olympics this year, I’m sure the Olympics will go back down to ratings because everybody watched the Olympics because of Michael Phelps.

It was an amazing year. It makes you wonder how Michael is going to do the Olympics again in the future, he’ll probably do even better than this year.


BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps ties with Mark Spitz record…

The young Michael Phelps made history in the Olympics again tonight, tying with Mark Spitz’s record of 50.8 in the 100 meter butterfly race earlier tonight. At first, swimmer Milorad Cavic of Serbia was ahead but Phelps quickly caught up with Cavic and both of them raced to the end. Phelps just touched the wall to get the win just before Cavic made it on the last minute. It was a close race and Phelps came this close to being no. 2.

Phelps is done racing in the individual races but there’s always the next Olympics to break more records and win more golds.

More on it here:


It was a good race. I’m watching the Olympics now as I’m typing this.


BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Page to perform with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony…

The Beijing Olympics officials announced that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will collaborate with pop star Leona Lewis to close out the Olympic ceremony this year.

It is not known what Jimmy and Leona will be performing together whether it will be a Led Zeppelin cover or one of Leona’s songs. It could even be “America the Beautiful” or “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The summer Beijing Olympics 2008 will end August 24th and we will find out then what song they will be playing.

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I don’t know if I’ll watch this or not, I’ll be in San Diego around that time on Aug. 24th. I will try to watch it at my brother’s apartment in San Diego if I’m not out doing fun stuff, if I don’t watch this closing ceremony at all, I’m sure the Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis performance will be all over youtube anyways.

Looking forward to seeing this.