Report: John Woo takes a shot in making a sports movie based on Olympics diving…

Legendary film director John Woo wants to take a break on making action and martial arts flicks by making a strictly sports film based on the Beijing Olympics in the pool diving games. The director held a charity dinner at the Beijing Olympics and he announced that he wants to make a movie with gold medalist divers Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing.

While John Woo is wanting to make a sports film it may not happen this soon because he is still working on three other films such as the sequel to “Red Cliff”, “1949”, and a new American film called “Caliber” that stars Johnny Depp.

It is not known if John Woo will be on board to direct the Olympic sports film. For now, the man is just producing it.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

He would make a great sports film, glad he’s doing something different.


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