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Netflix Pick: Red Cliff (Theatrical Version)

So earlier this afternoon, I finally saw the John Woo directed, Chinese action-war film, “Red Cliff” (the theatrical version) on Netflix.

This film has been pretty controversial in Hollywood around the time this film came out in 2008. The film was originally a 2 part movie that was released in Asia only. Then the U.S. gets the 2 and a half hour theater version. I would like to see the original at some point, maybe the full two part movie will be out on DVD, I’ll have to look it up.

This film is taken place in AD 208, and it was about the Han Dynasty. The story tells about a man named Cao Cao, who is a power hungry General and Prime Minister who convinces the weak-willed emperor that two rebellious leaders, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan must be stopped… Cao Cao’s antagonists also include the brilliant strategist Zhuge Liang and the heroic warrior Zhou Yu, whose wife, Lin Chiling, is a legendary beauty. Cao Cao has huge power and also he has many warships, and his own army as well. The Eastern Wu forces go to war against Cao Cao, to protect their land and save their people.

Well, this was a pretty interesting movie. I thought I was going to be bored to death watching this film, but the film kept me entertained all the way through. The story was pretty interesting. I don’t know much about Chinese history but after seeing this film, kind of makes me want to get into it more. I think this is John Woo’s best film. I’ve seen a lot of John Woo’s films so I know his directing style.

If you like Chinese foreign movies, you would find this one a little different than the others. The writing is actually good. It was pretty interesting watching Chinese actors pull off an interesting story. It’s a very violent movie with a lot of epic action scenes. Some pretty creative action scenes. There are martial arts fighting in the film, of course, but there is way more than that. There are a lot of fire and explosions in the battle scenes toward the end. The major battle scene at the end will leave you wanting some more. This film was kind of breathtaking.

The ending is pretty surprising too. I won’t tell what happened at the end, you’ll have to see the film for yourself. It was a pretty brutal war movie. I really enjoyed this film, very much. It’s kind of like, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” but a little different. If you have Netflix, you should seriously check this one out.


Report: John Woo’s “Red Cliff” to be released in U.S.A. theaters in the Fall…

This was bound to happen sometime. John Woo’s Chinese epic two part film, “Red Cliff” will be getting a theaterical release in the U.S. sometime in the fall. While the Chinese version was split into two different parts, the U.S. version will be one whole film. The U.S. version will be 150 minutes long which means they will have to edit a lot of scenes out.

Variety Reports:


Great news. I’ve been wanting to see this, it sounds like an interesting film. It’ll probably be only playing in selected theatres in the U.S. not nationwide, so hopefully I’ll get to see this. The film looks very interesting…

More about John Woo’s “Red Cliff” here…



Report: John Woo takes a shot in making a sports movie based on Olympics diving…

Legendary film director John Woo wants to take a break on making action and martial arts flicks by making a strictly sports film based on the Beijing Olympics in the pool diving games. The director held a charity dinner at the Beijing Olympics and he announced that he wants to make a movie with gold medalist divers Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing.

While John Woo is wanting to make a sports film it may not happen this soon because he is still working on three other films such as the sequel to “Red Cliff”, “1949”, and a new American film called “Caliber” that stars Johnny Depp.

It is not known if John Woo will be on board to direct the Olympic sports film. For now, the man is just producing it.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


He would make a great sports film, glad he’s doing something different.


BREAKING NEWS: Stuntman dies in John Woo action film…

First a stuntman was killed in “The Dark Knight”, and here’s the next one…in John Woo’s next historical epic film titled “Red Cliff”, a 23 year old stuntman was killed when a small boat was ablazed and collided into a much larger boat as film makers had intended for the script, but the fire quickly raged out and engulfed both ships.

John Woo was not on set when the incident happened, he was out promoting “Red Cliff”, he immediately rushed back to Beijing to the filming location to check on it. The movie “Red Cliff” he is currently filming, a Chinese language foreign based film is high up to an $80 million budget.

John Woo has finally returned to his roots making Chinese films after years of making films for Americans with such American films he directed like “Mission Impossible 2”, “Face/Off”, and “Broken Arrow”.

The Associated Press reports:


Rest in peace to the stunt man, that’s terrible. Making real stunts in action movies is dangerous these days. Do not try this at home folks.

The film makers will do anything to make a movie realistic and these stuntmen are brave enough to risk their lives for it.