BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps takes home 8th medal, breaks Spitz’s record…

I just knew the kid could do it. It was obvious it was going to happen.

The swimming races this year both women’s and men’s were such a thrill ride. I had such a blast watching the swimming races. It was almost like the Superbowl and Wrestlemania but even better!

Everytime you see Michael and Mark talk to each other on TV via sattelite since Mark is not allowed at the Olympics, Mark Spitz really is proud and so happy for Michael, there is no ego in Mark at all. Everytime you see Mark Spitz speaking on live TV, Mark has a huge smile on his face, that’s just a sign that he really is happy for Michael for real.

It’s too bad that Mark Spitz can’t be there live in person so Mark can watch Michael win the gold. Stupid Chinese.

Now that Michael is done with the Olympics this year, I’m sure the Olympics will go back down to ratings because everybody watched the Olympics because of Michael Phelps.

It was an amazing year. It makes you wonder how Michael is going to do the Olympics again in the future, he’ll probably do even better than this year.


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