Report: Michael Phelps does it again in the 4 man 100m swimming relay!!!

On  yesterday’s Olympics, Michael Phelps swam by himself earlier in the afternoon but he actually lost, but became victorious at the end of last night’s Olympics for Day 3 in the 4 man team 100 m swimming relay game.

The USA team is still kicking ass. Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, and Jason Lezak did an impressive 3:08:24 world record in a very quick swimming relay. Aftter that game got over with, Phelps and his USA team celebrated the great moment by them cheering along with the audience.

Check it out:

This is why all the swimming games in the Olympics is my favorite to watch the most. Some of the Olympic games are kind of boring, but the swimming games are very exciting and intense. I enjoy watching both male and female swimming.

That last swim race at the end of the Olympics the 4 man 100 m swim was amazing to watch, it was almost like the Superbowl and I was even getting all excited and smiling. The Olympics are amazing so far!


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