Thought: Michael Phelps getting caught with a bong is not a big deal…get over it…

So Michael Phelps enjoys partying. He got caught with a bong once and admitted to it. So fuckin’ what! Get over it! This is another thing that sickens me about the media.

I’m 100% positive and I KNOW that most all famous people party hard. That means, smoking weed, drinking hard and getting crazy, etc. ALL OF IT! Why is it such a big deal that Michael does it?

Comedian Bill Maher, was on Jay Leno last night, and Jay asked Bill for his opinion on the Michael Phelps bong thing. Bill said, Michael is a pussy for coming out apologizing for the bong pic which he didn’t need to apologize, he said something about partying is an adult thing and the Olympics are over and done with for a long while, and Bill said Phelps can party all he wants. Ya know, I agree with Bill on this one.

Sure, smoking weed and partying maybe bad for your lungs and your health, that he would not be a good swimmer anymore because of it, but really, I can’t blame the dude for partying. He’s celebrating his historic gold medal winnings. Leave the kid alone!

How much do you want to bet that other Olympic stars are big time party animals as well? But nobody busts on them because they aren’t big and iconic like Michael is.

Mikey, if you’re somewhat reading this blog entry somehow, do what you want to do and be yourself, party hard all you want, man. If people or the media don’t like what you do, fuck ’em. Just ask Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson or Cheech and Chong. Those guys party all they want, not giving a damn what anybody thinks.

I don’t smoke weed, but I understand that most everyone does out there.


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