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Cool Video: Sheriff Lenic sticks up for the First Amendment at Albany airport!

I saw this on the news yesterday and I wanted to see the video for myself on youtube. It’s awesome stuff! Two people who works for InfoWars were campaigning at Albany Airport to warn travelers about the X-Rays of Body scanners, by handing out flyers, yet, the airport boss, Doug Myers confronted them about it and tried to get them to stop. Sheriff Lenic says these two were doing nothing wrong and had every right to do it, protecting 1st Amendment rights.

This is awesome stuff.

I’ve always believed in the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech, rights. You should too. People always seemed to take away my rights, when they don’t agree with things and I’ll always stay loyal to the 1st Amendment, no matter what happens.

Thanks Sheriff!


Elmo is fucked, whether Kevin Clash’s relationship with that boy was legal or not…

I’m sure some of you are dying to know my thoughts about this recent story. So I thought, I would get this one out of the way. WOW!

Elmo. The legendary Sesame Street character, that kids and families of all ages, all loved is totally destroyed. Whether Kevin Clash’s relationship with that kid was legal or not, this destroyed Elmo’s image and reputation. Elmo will not be looked at the same way ever again. So they may as well trash that character after this. Can you see people calling Elmo gay now? Elmo will get called much worse things in the future.

Again, the problem with fame and today’s pop culture, someone will always come out and decide to try and make you look bad in front of everyone. I don’t care whether or not Kevin Clash is innocent or guilty, it’s the Elmo character that is the focus here.

Maybe Mitt Romney had his right to take down Sesame Street, after all? LOL.

Elmo is destroyed. I can see parents saying nasty things about Elmo and they will try to get that character off the show. Especially, the kids, they will not look at Elmo the same way like they did. Think how they would react if they were told this. This is bad for Elmo and Sesame Street.


Cool Video: Stone Cold E.T., causes trouble at the drive thru!

I love drive thru pranks! Back in high school, me and my friends used to do drive thru pranks, just to have a laugh. It’s fun to do!

How creative is it to combine Stone Cold Steve Austin and E.T. together? Check out the rest of the videos in their channel. They impersonate other WWE stars and celebrities. It’s a pretty entertaining channel.

I know my blog have been heated as of late with my rants and discussions, so I’d decided to light it up a bit with some comedy. This video will give you the LOL’s, so enjoy.


FOX News airs a carjacker shooting himself in the head on live TV… ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***

FOX News have been well known to air car chases live on TV over the years, but this time things get bad. They aired a live suicide on national TV. This is real stuff. It’s not a movie or a TV episode. This is just another reason to hate FOX News. They shouldn’t air police chases on live TV at all. They just do it for ratings. They had plenty of time to turn the cameras off in time, before he did it.


Final words on the Royals, then I’ll stop discussing this…

I stand by the things I said about the Royals, Kate Middleton and Prince William. The area that they were in may be a private and secluded area, but as long as people can see from the outside, doesn’t matter how far away, it’s no longer private. See what I mean? Even if it takes telescopic camera lens to see what they were doing from a building, the Royals are still being viewed publicly. Doesn’t matter what you think about it. So this is clearly the Royals fault. Just yesterday, I was watching Brian Williams on NBC report this story, and they were demonstrating on how easy it would be to see the Royals from a far away location. If the private chateau they were in were really private, they wouldn’t be seen at all, well someone from the outside got to see them. See how that no longer makes it a private area? Think about it.

On top of that, this wasn’t the first time that Kate Middleton, forced legal action on people taking photos of her without her consent. In 2009, she sued a photography company for taking photos of her playing tennis, while on a Holiday in Cornwall. When the Royals force legal action on the nude photos, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Prince William’s or the family’s decision, it’s all Kate’s.

I mean, fuck. If she wants to be married to a Royal family, she’s gonna have to learn that she’s not going to get much privacy, since she is a world public figure now. Like the Donald said, who wouldn’t take photos of the worlds famous Royal? If I spotted Kate in public and if I had a camera, would I take photos or videotaped her? You betcha I would. I’d do it in a heart beat! I can’t blame other guys for wanting to do it ’cause they can’t help themselves. Again, that’s what “power of fame”, does. A celebrity kind of thing.

The Royal Family agree to take legal action against these guys ’cause they are there for Kate. They would do anything in her favor, since they are rich and powerful people. The Royals take care of her ’cause she gets what she wants. That’s how evil women can be. Yes, I said that. So for all you people out there giving this couple support. Why? Who fucking cares, ya know? It’s ridiculous why this have to be a huge news story to begin with. The news media would report any news about celebrity sex scandals ’cause it helps the news gets ratings and would get people in social media going crazy. This shouldn’t be a huge thing.

On top of that, the Royal family in France, are not wonderful people as some would think of them to be. They are pretty powerful people and them taking legal action is showing it. If a real person’s privacy was invaded, and if our photos were posted on the internet, it would be very difficult for us to take legal action to take them down. It makes it easy for the Royals ’cause they are very rich.

Fame is what ruin people’s lives these days, it’s the fame that controls people.

This is my final thought on this. I’m closing the comments in this post ’cause I don’t feel like debating with empty minded people who feel sorry for the Royals ’cause I’ll feel like talking to a brick wall.


The Royals win battle of nude photos, of course they would!

I stand corrected on the things I said that all this was the Royals fault that all of this happened. Even Donald Trump, knows what he’s talking about and I totally agree with him! The Royals are already winning this legal battle of the nude photos, and of course, they fucking would! They are rich and powerful people. What they want is what they get! Money and power will do that.

Of course, I’m seeing that people around the world are feeling sorry for this couple and giving them support about it. Really?

You don’t see Prince Harry whining about his nude photos from Vegas, he moved on, took responsibility about his actions, and got deployed to Afghanistan. If Kate wanted to get naked, she should have kept it inside behind closed doors. Plus, she’s the world famous lady, and like the Donald said, who wouldn’t take photos of her and make lots of money off of it?

These things can happen to anybody, not just famous people. If you’re going to enjoy some private times with your loved ones or get naked partying, you gotta expect that others from outside are going to see. It gives others the freedom to be a peeping tom. I can’t blame the photographer for taking those nude photos of Kate. Simply because she’s a hot piece of ass like I said before. You can’t be saying stuff like, “Oh no, they’re such a beautiful couple, this shouldn’t have to happen for them”, when they brought all of this upon themselves, ya know?

If you don’t want this to happen to you, keep clothed. Of course, there are some people that do obsess with getting naked outside or in public and they don’t mind getting photos taken of them ’cause some of them love that kind of attention either men or women. This isn’t for everyone, some like it, some don’t. Depends on the person.

The Royals can ban publications of the photos all they want to, the fact is, the photos are never going away. They are made public forever, once they are out there. People will always find a way to bring them back. They never win.


Brock talks about the Kate Middleton topless photos controversy…

So Prince William and Kate Middleton were vacationing in the South of France, and she has been caught sunbathing in the nude. The photos has been published to a gossip magazine, and now the Royals are suing the magazine, for invasion of privacy. When I saw this, I ask myself, “What invasion of privacy”? If you go nude in public, in front of people where others can see, that is no longer private. That gives anybody the freedom to take a camera and take photos. The thing is, there is nothing wrong with getting naked. People do these things all of the time.  When celebrities and famous people try to do it, that makes it more difficult for them to do ’cause they are such a famous public figure. Just ask Prince Harry. So I think the magazine didn’t do anything wrong. They had the right to do it. Nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying yourself. Be naked and free, all you want to but take responsibility for it. I think this lawsuit will be dismissed and won’t go anywhere. This was definitely the Royals fault.

Edit to add: I think I just made a blog post that everyone can actually agree with. So be happy. And, by the way, Kate Middleton is a hot piece of ass, I’d like to see the photos myself.


Cool Video: Crazy landlord woman tries to make a resident look like a rapist and accuses him of other things…

What would you have done to prevent drama from your landlords? A video surfaced online that is becoming a hit. A man living in his apartment in an apartment building is being accused by his landlord for pissing out the window. So she and two people barges into his apartment room, starting a fight with him. This is only half of the drama as the beginning of it wasn’t filmed. Then she tries to make him look bad, by faking a rape.

It’s a good thing he took out the video camera in time ’cause it would be good court evidence to prove his innocence that he never touched her. Even though she hit him first and tried to make him look like a rapist, he did the smart thing by not hitting her. Honestly though, I’m sure he wanted to hit her for self defense, but she had those other two guys with her, they would have kicked his ass if he touched her.

If I was in this situation, this drama wouldn’t even last for more than a minute. I would have taken care of it pretty quickly. I would have grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her out the door. Not hard, but good enough to get her out. I wouldn’t be able to deal with something like this. This guy is kind of a pussy himself as he could have handled this drama better. Honestly, this guy could have stopped this drama right away, I think he kept it going ’cause he was entertained by this lady. So he video taped it, so the internet can be entertained too.

Doesn’t matter who started it, the women is obviously insane and needs help. This guy is probably not gonna rent from her anymore, I bet. This video also proves that women can be trouble, and not all of them can be great to men.

Enjoy the laughs here.


EDIT TO ADD: The woman looks like she has great tits and a great body, but her face is ugly as hell though.

Brock slams Karen Klein’s donation campaign…

Everyone gets bullied, everyday all the time, so how is paying donations to Karen Klein, a good cause? I refuse to donate. I would rather donate for more important fundraisers like people getting cancer or for natural disasters. I think her donation for this going over $60,000 is pretty fuckin’ ridiculous if you ask me!

I get bullied by musicians and people in the music scene all the time. I got it worse by the Legend bagheaded guy. You don’t see people feeling sorry for me or you don’t see the news being all over it. Instead, people found all this stuff entertaining. To hell with Karen Klein’s donation campaign and her personal problems. It was her fault anyway. She took the job being the bus monitor and she should have known she wouldn’t be treated so kindly by those kids. On top of that, she just sat there doing nothing, letting those kids get all over her.

I don’t blame the kids for this, ’cause this is how they all are in high school. Get over it, people. It’s terrible that people get bullied, but it happens everywhere. Get a life and move along. Nothing to see here.


Thought: Don’t blame the kids on the bus, blame the damn school for hiring the wrong bus monitor…

This is a new trend on the internet as of late, and I’m sure you’re wondering my thoughts on the elderly woman getting bullied by kids on a school bus. I watched the full 10 minute video in youtube, and all this stuff brings back memories from my own school years. While it is terrible that these little punks picked on this poor woman, I agree it’s terrible, but you shouldn’t blame this on them. Now before you get pissed at me, the real person to blame is the school that hired the wrong bus monitor and the kids parents who raised them. They are the ones should take the blame.

Kids bullying other people in school, happens all the time. I’ve been a victim of bullying in school and I’ve witnessed other big kids bullying other people too, lots of times. This stuff is nothing new. It happens every where in schools, all over the place.

Now, a bus monitor’s job is to make sure kids are behaving well and keeping an eye for safety right? Well, why would a school hire an old woman to monitor a bus? I mean, watch her in the video. She just fucking sat there, and allowing them kids to pick on her. She didn’t have the confidence to stick up for herself. If the bus monitor was a man or a younger woman, the kids would have behaved then, I’m sure. Get a big muscle guy as a bus monitor, then it would be a quiet bus ride all the way through.

This is part of the reason I got into bodybuilding. The more muscular you get, the more people will leave you alone for good. Really, it works. If I was the bus monitor on that bus, they wouldn’t dare mess with me once I act like a tough guy to them in return. You have to be fucking tough and stand up for yourself. You can’t sit there and let them get all over you. Don’t react with violence, but losing your temper would shut them up.

This is why I felt the need to re-release that, “Mr. Tough Guy” song, because of the topic of bullying in the news.