Brock slams Karen Klein’s donation campaign…

Everyone gets bullied, everyday all the time, so how is paying donations to Karen Klein, a good cause? I refuse to donate. I would rather donate for more important fundraisers like people getting cancer or for natural disasters. I think her donation for this going over $60,000 is pretty fuckin’ ridiculous if you ask me!

I get bullied by musicians and people in the music scene all the time. I got it worse by the Legend bagheaded guy. You don’t see people feeling sorry for me or you don’t see the news being all over it. Instead, people found all this stuff entertaining. To hell with Karen Klein’s donation campaign and her personal problems. It was her fault anyway. She took the job being the bus monitor and she should have known she wouldn’t be treated so kindly by those kids. On top of that, she just sat there doing nothing, letting those kids get all over her.

I don’t blame the kids for this, ’cause this is how they all are in high school. Get over it, people. It’s terrible that people get bullied, but it happens everywhere. Get a life and move along. Nothing to see here.


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