More on John Travolta…

*sigh* This is why I fucking hate today’s entertainment media! They won’t leave John Travolta alone! Now the reports are questioning him because he’s been spotted kissing his wife, Kelly, at the “Savages” premiere, after he’s been sued by that book author. Kudos to John. It’s just his way of staying strong. He’s not letting the bullshit get at him so kissing his wife publicly, it’s just his way of saying, “Fuck you”.

Like I said, before, if John is a closet homosexual (if he is), it’s all up to him if he wants to come out of the closet publicly. The media and the guys trying to destroy him, have no right to get into his private business. When John continues to work on film, making public appearances and stuff like that, it’s just his way of staying above the drama. Which shows, that John doesn’t care what other people think about him. It shows that John is a tough SOB.

He’s a talented man, I like a lot of his movies. I’m looking forward to “Savages”, as well. John is just moving forward and living life how he wants to, brushing off all the bullshit. He’s smart. Keep rockin’ John and don’t let the drama, bother ya.


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