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RIP Kelly Preston: 1962 – 2020…

John Travolta is going through another tragedy in his life. The actor himself announced the sad news that his longtime wife and actress, Kelly Preston died after two long years of breast cancer. The couple married in 1991… they had three children together but one of his kids Jett Travolta died at 16. John’s first wife, Diana Hyland also died of breast cancer in 1977.

Kelly is best known for starring as one of the female leads alongside Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire”.

Sad news. John may be devastated and hurt but at the same time, she’s no longer suffering. My heart goes out to him and his surviving kids.




More on John Travolta…

*sigh* This is why I fucking hate today’s entertainment media! They won’t leave John Travolta alone! Now the reports are questioning him because he’s been spotted kissing his wife, Kelly, at the “Savages” premiere, after he’s been sued by that book author. Kudos to John. It’s just his way of staying strong. He’s not letting the bullshit get at him so kissing his wife publicly, it’s just his way of saying, “Fuck you”.

Like I said, before, if John is a closet homosexual (if he is), it’s all up to him if he wants to come out of the closet publicly. The media and the guys trying to destroy him, have no right to get into his private business. When John continues to work on film, making public appearances and stuff like that, it’s just his way of staying above the drama. Which shows, that John doesn’t care what other people think about him. It shows that John is a tough SOB.

He’s a talented man, I like a lot of his movies. I’m looking forward to “Savages”, as well. John is just moving forward and living life how he wants to, brushing off all the bullshit. He’s smart. Keep rockin’ John and don’t let the drama, bother ya.


Report: John Travolta and family makes first public appearance since Jett’s death…

The Travolta’s kept a low profile since Jett’s death. Here they are at the Disney’s D23 Expo, these pics were just taken yesterday.


Even though John and Kelly both have smiles on their faces, you can still see sadness in their eyes. John’s smile is not so wide as it used to be.

John still looks good though.


BREAKING NEWS: Three men arrested for extorting money from John Travolta over son’s death…

Police in the Bahamas, have arrested an island law maker and a paramedic for allegedly trying to extort money from actor John Travolta over the death of his son. Ambulance driver, Tarino Lightbourne and Senator Pleasant Bridgewater are being held for questioning.

The Associated Press reports:

TMZ reports a third man have been arrested for questioning, that man is Obie Wilchcombe:


Come on, let the Travolta family grieve in peace.

When you’re rich and famous, being the world’s biggest movie star, and something tragic happens to a famous person, idiots will try and take their money because of the movie star’s fame and fortune.

You may think fame is an easy life and maybe fun, but you’ll later realize that fame isn’t that glorifying. Just ask all them other famous people that got themselves into drugs and suicide because they get depressed of their fame.


Report: Travolta’s held private funeral for Jett yesterday…

The  Travolta family held a private funeral for Jett Travolta in Ocala, Florida yesterday. It was a private funeral. Fans and the public weren’t allowed to attend, it was a private funeral where only their family members and close friends were invited. Many of the Travolta’s celebrity friends came out to support them such as Lisa Marie Presley, James Gandolfini, Kirstie Alley, Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood, and Forest Whittaker were some of them. Tom Cruise did not attend, although, he expressed his emotional condolences of the tragedy on a public TV taping of “The View”.

While fans of John Travolta were not allowed to attend, they did get the opportunity to leave flowers and cards to the gaurds at the entrance of the home where the Travolta family lives.

There are no public photos of the funeral since it was private and the press wasn’t allowed in.

More on it here:


RIP, Jett. I feel so bad for John. I don’t know what I would be like if I was going through something like that if I had a family on my own one day. I wouldn’t be able to take it.


Report: John and Kelly return home with Jett’s ashes…

Earlier reports said that the Travolta’s planned to bury Jett’s body in Ocala, Florida, but it looks like John and Kelly decided to cremate him instead. The results of the autopsy were not revealed to the public, it’s all up to the Travolta’s if they want to make the news public. The death certificate has seizure as the cause of death. A funeral for Jett Travolta has not yet been announced.

The Associated Press reports:


I wouldn’t blame the death on John and Kelly. I think the death was accidental. Jett wasn’t supervised by parents when he was alone in the bathroom, but come on, he’s 16 years old. Kids that age can take care of themselves without parents supervision. Accidental deaths happens, and I think that this is what it is.

You shouldn’t blame Scientology ’cause that’s idiotic, and you shouldn’t blame John and Kelly. John and Kelly don’t need to watch Jett like a hawk every move he does when he’s old enough to be by himself. Don’t jump to conclusions on to anything. People fall, people get sick, happens to people all the time. Has nothing to do with their fame or Scientology. The Travolta’s are real people like us. People makes mistakes in life, accidents happen with everybody whether you survive it or not, it’s the way life is.


Report: Jett’s cause of death may be kept private…

TmZ says that Jett Travolta’s autopsy is going on now as you read this, however, the Ministry of Health in the Bahamas says that the results of the autopsy may never be public to the media or anywhere. It is all up to John and Kelly, whether or not they want to make it public.

It’s been speculated that the cause of Jett’s death was because of using the wrong medications that didn’t work, he accidentally fell and hit his head against the bath tub, it was also rumoured that Jett died in John’s arms.

TmZ reports:


It’s understandable if they want to make the autopsy results private for themselves, it should be a family matter only. It definitely looks like to me, that Jett’s death was accidental. It looks like an accident.

If John and Kelly wants to make it public, hey, that’s their call. It’s a fact that people dying over meds is growing rapidly. Not just celebrities, real people like us too. Meds are a killer, the truth hurts. So if you’re addicted to them, get help and get off of them before they kill you.


Report: Jett Travolta to be buried in Ocala, Florida…

Jett Travolta’s body will be flown to Ocala, Florida where he will be buried. It is said Ocala is where the Travolta family currently lives. The home in Ocala where Travolta lives is the one where it has it’s own airport and an actual runway. Everyone knows that John loves flying planes and that’s what he does for a passion other than acting in film. It is also said that John and Kelly are both nightowls, the type of people who enjoy staying awake all night and sleep during the day.

TMZ says it was John Travolta himself who tried to save Jett’s life and revive him, but there was nothing anybody could do.

Read more here:


And the story will be all over TMZ as well:


Yep, John is heartbroken and forever will be. I hope this won’t affect John’s movie career by quitting acting ’cause of his son’s death. If he does decide to quit acting because of his son, that’s understandable because family comes first before work. I don’t think John will quit but he will take a long break from film for sure. God bless, John and Kelly. John Travolta is a good man with heart who don’t deserve this.


BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta’s son, Jett, is dead…

Jett Travolta, who is the son of legendary actor, John Travolta has died. Jett died while vacationing with the Travolta family on Grand Bahama Island. Jett suffered a seizure at the family vacation home on the island, he was unresponsive and died. Jett Travolta was only 16, he is the oldest kid in the family.

TMZ reports:


My condolences goes out to John and the rest of his family. This is so sad. John will be heartbroken for the rest of his life now. I don’t expect John to go back to work on movies for a pretty long while. Hope he stays strong and wishes him well. RIP Jett.