BREAKING NEWS: Three men arrested for extorting money from John Travolta over son’s death…

Police in the Bahamas, have arrested an island law maker and a paramedic for allegedly trying to extort money from actor John Travolta over the death of his son. Ambulance driver, Tarino Lightbourne and Senator Pleasant Bridgewater are being held for questioning.

The Associated Press reports:

TMZ reports a third man have been arrested for questioning, that man is Obie Wilchcombe:

Come on, let the Travolta family grieve in peace.

When you’re rich and famous, being the world’s biggest movie star, and something tragic happens to a famous person, idiots will try and take their money because of the movie star’s fame and fortune.

You may think fame is an easy life and maybe fun, but you’ll later realize that fame isn’t that glorifying. Just ask all them other famous people that got themselves into drugs and suicide because they get depressed of their fame.


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