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The Keaton Jones bullying story is powerful and inspiring…

Yes, bullying in schools is still a problem in America. Always has been for decades. Unfortunately, the problem has never been taking care of. In fact, the bullying has gotten much worse in this country.

I’ve just recently started following the Keaton Jones bullying story that just went viral today. It first caught my attention when Dana White of the UFC started posting about it on twitter. I saw the Keaton Jones video and it was a powerful and inspiring message. Keaton Jones caught the attention of Dana White, Chris Evans and other famous people.


The left started to feel sorry for Keaton up until they discovered that Keaton’s mother, Kimberly might be a right-wing conservative ’cause she had FB pics of her with the Confederate Flag, and she had pics of the American Flag too. So some on the left went out of their way to start bullying Keaton’s Mom like the loser hypocrites they are. Unfortunately, Keaton’s Mom whose name is Kimberly is in a liberal backlash over the Confederate Flag photos.


Awwwwww….. poor lefties… you’re only upset ’cause Keaton’s families political views are different than yours, boo hoo. That’s all they are, in my opinion. Just upset that the political views are different. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting the Confederate Flag still, and it doesn’t make you racist if you still do. Once again, libtards are upset ’cause Keaton’s family aren’t liberals so they attack. Hey liberals, the world doesn’t revolve you and you’re going to live with that. You’re going to have to accept that everyone’s political views are going to be different so fucking deal with it.

On top of all this, though, school bullying is pretty serious and it’s no joke ’cause I’ve been a victim of bullying through school myself. I’m feeling Keaton. Yes, I really was bullied throughout middle school and high school. I’ve been picked on, been made fun of and have been laughed at by the whole class a lot. I’ve never really gotten myself into any fist fights or nothing like that, but I have been pushed around and have been kicked a few times before. I’ve also been threatened to fight some kid after school a few times as well (I’ve never showed up, of course). I’ve had other kids ruin school projects on me many times and kids made fun of my appearance many times. School is nuts, it really is. People have no idea what kids really go through at school.

I still remember some of the bullies and still remember their names. A few of them actually became friends with me now that we’re older. A lot of them I don’t see anymore which is good. I see some of them went to jail for some things over the years which is interesting. Some of them even have FB accounts. Yep, I still remember who most of them are. There were even girls that picked on me too.

I still do get bullied by people who are full grown adults to this day, but I’m grown up enough and tough enough to ignore it all now. I was bullied through my school years ’cause maybe I was very shy (I really was) and maybe I was different ’cause I have scoliosis, ya know?

Anyway, the school days are over and I’m glad. As I get older, I learned how to stay positive, stay strong and stay above the negativity.

As far as that Keaton video goes, what he did was very brave and courageous. Keaton’s Mom releases that video and his family gets all kinds of harassment by stupid leftards. Now you just figured out why some young kids are so afraid to speak out about being a victim of bullying ’cause you never know what kind of reaction they’ll get. Think about that.





Amanda Todd teen bullying and suicide thoughts…

I didn’t really want to reply to my thoughts about this news story, but I thought I would reply to this, just once, and that’s it. The Amanda Todd story is pretty huge on the internet, everyone’s talking about it everywhere. Opinions on the story are mixed. Some feel sympathy for Amanda and some say she deserved it and she had it coming. Before I give out my thoughts, lets talk about what’s going on here. Amanda was talking to some stranger in an internet chat room, and he asked her to flash her boobs on camera. She decided to go for it, and a year later, her topless photo has been landed on facebook with her photo as a profile pic. Her topless photo circulated facebook, then she made a 9 minute youtube video using flash cards, talking about her problems. On Oct. 10th, she killed herself.

So here goes. If this was my daughter, I would be sure that something like this wouldn’t even happen. I mean, she was 15. Too young to be using the internet on her own. If that was my daughter, I’m not saying she won’t be allowed to use the internet, however, I would monitor everything, she does online. EVERYTHING. Just to look out for her safety and protection. How come her mother wasn’t doing that, at the time? Was this Amanda’s and her family’s fault? Part of it was, you can’t deny that. She’s too young to be flashing herself online to strangers she doesn’t even know. If you don’t want kids doing something like that, you need to teach your kids of what’s right and what’s wrong. Don’t allow her to go into chat rooms that young of age. When she’s alone using the computer, there are ways to block those sites where, she won’t visit them.

I’m not saying she deserved it, and she had it coming, but once again, part of this was her fault. She should have known better and family should have taught her better. When you have a child, you need to teach them these things, so they won’t do anything risky in the future. Teach your child that, if they plan to use the internet, teach them that they should talk to people online only if they know them. It’ll take them a while for them to understand, but it’s worth it. I’m not saying her mother is bad at parenting, but she should have protected her child more. If I had kids, I would do anything to protect them before they get into depression and before they go making suicidal notes in youtube videos.

Being a parent (which I’m not yet, but just saying), takes a lot of learning and responsibility.

Teen suicides are horrible, and teen bullying is horrible. I’ve experienced getting bullied in school when I was a teen myself, so I know what it is like, for sure. Which is why I am against bullying of all kinds. It is pretty inappropriate to bully people, no matter who they are, whether it will be for their orientation, their disability, their weight, their appearance, etc. People shouldn’t be bullied what so ever. I still get bullied by people to this day, but I learn to rise above it all and be a tough son of a bitch.

You’ve got to teach your kids that too, which is what I plan to do if I ever get kids someday. Teach them to be tough and teach them how to defend themselves when getting bullied. Teach them karate class or teach them how to fight, and teach them to fight back for self defense only. If you got a kid, who is driving themselves into depression and suicidal, then there must be something wrong with your parenting skills there. It takes a lot of skill as a parent to make your child safe and happy.

My heart and condolences goes out to Amanda’s family & friends, it’s just that suicide is not the answer. If you know a kid that is in trouble, you need to seek them professional help, before it’s too late.


Brock slams Karen Klein’s donation campaign…

Everyone gets bullied, everyday all the time, so how is paying donations to Karen Klein, a good cause? I refuse to donate. I would rather donate for more important fundraisers like people getting cancer or for natural disasters. I think her donation for this going over $60,000 is pretty fuckin’ ridiculous if you ask me!

I get bullied by musicians and people in the music scene all the time. I got it worse by the Legend bagheaded guy. You don’t see people feeling sorry for me or you don’t see the news being all over it. Instead, people found all this stuff entertaining. To hell with Karen Klein’s donation campaign and her personal problems. It was her fault anyway. She took the job being the bus monitor and she should have known she wouldn’t be treated so kindly by those kids. On top of that, she just sat there doing nothing, letting those kids get all over her.

I don’t blame the kids for this, ’cause this is how they all are in high school. Get over it, people. It’s terrible that people get bullied, but it happens everywhere. Get a life and move along. Nothing to see here.


Thought: Don’t blame the kids on the bus, blame the damn school for hiring the wrong bus monitor…

This is a new trend on the internet as of late, and I’m sure you’re wondering my thoughts on the elderly woman getting bullied by kids on a school bus. I watched the full 10 minute video in youtube, and all this stuff brings back memories from my own school years. While it is terrible that these little punks picked on this poor woman, I agree it’s terrible, but you shouldn’t blame this on them. Now before you get pissed at me, the real person to blame is the school that hired the wrong bus monitor and the kids parents who raised them. They are the ones should take the blame.

Kids bullying other people in school, happens all the time. I’ve been a victim of bullying in school and I’ve witnessed other big kids bullying other people too, lots of times. This stuff is nothing new. It happens every where in schools, all over the place.

Now, a bus monitor’s job is to make sure kids are behaving well and keeping an eye for safety right? Well, why would a school hire an old woman to monitor a bus? I mean, watch her in the video. She just fucking sat there, and allowing them kids to pick on her. She didn’t have the confidence to stick up for herself. If the bus monitor was a man or a younger woman, the kids would have behaved then, I’m sure. Get a big muscle guy as a bus monitor, then it would be a quiet bus ride all the way through.

This is part of the reason I got into bodybuilding. The more muscular you get, the more people will leave you alone for good. Really, it works. If I was the bus monitor on that bus, they wouldn’t dare mess with me once I act like a tough guy to them in return. You have to be fucking tough and stand up for yourself. You can’t sit there and let them get all over you. Don’t react with violence, but losing your temper would shut them up.

This is why I felt the need to re-release that, “Mr. Tough Guy” song, because of the topic of bullying in the news.