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Thought: Don’t blame the kids on the bus, blame the damn school for hiring the wrong bus monitor…

This is a new trend on the internet as of late, and I’m sure you’re wondering my thoughts on the elderly woman getting bullied by kids on a school bus. I watched the full 10 minute video in youtube, and all this stuff brings back memories from my own school years. While it is terrible that these little punks picked on this poor woman, I agree it’s terrible, but you shouldn’t blame this on them. Now before you get pissed at me, the real person to blame is the school that hired the wrong bus monitor and the kids parents who raised them. They are the ones should take the blame.

Kids bullying other people in school, happens all the time. I’ve been a victim of bullying in school and I’ve witnessed other big kids bullying other people too, lots of times. This stuff is nothing new. It happens every where in schools, all over the place.

Now, a bus monitor’s job is to make sure kids are behaving well and keeping an eye for safety right? Well, why would a school hire an old woman to monitor a bus? I mean, watch her in the video. She just fucking sat there, and allowing them kids to pick on her. She didn’t have the confidence to stick up for herself. If the bus monitor was a man or a younger woman, the kids would have behaved then, I’m sure. Get a big muscle guy as a bus monitor, then it would be a quiet bus ride all the way through.

This is part of the reason I got into bodybuilding. The more muscular you get, the more people will leave you alone for good. Really, it works. If I was the bus monitor on that bus, they wouldn’t dare mess with me once I act like a tough guy to them in return. You have to be fucking tough and stand up for yourself. You can’t sit there and let them get all over you. Don’t react with violence, but losing your temper would shut them up.

This is why I felt the need to re-release that, “Mr. Tough Guy” song, because of the topic of bullying in the news.