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The Keaton Jones bullying story is powerful and inspiring…

Yes, bullying in schools is still a problem in America. Always has been for decades. Unfortunately, the problem has never been taking care of. In fact, the bullying has gotten much worse in this country.

I’ve just recently started following the Keaton Jones bullying story that just went viral today. It first caught my attention when Dana White of the UFC started posting about it on twitter. I saw the Keaton Jones video and it was a powerful and inspiring message. Keaton Jones caught the attention of Dana White, Chris Evans and other famous people.


The left started to feel sorry for Keaton up until they discovered that Keaton’s mother, Kimberly might be a right-wing conservative ’cause she had FB pics of her with the Confederate Flag, and she had pics of the American Flag too. So some on the left went out of their way to start bullying Keaton’s Mom like the loser hypocrites they are. Unfortunately, Keaton’s Mom whose name is Kimberly is in a liberal backlash over the Confederate Flag photos.


Awwwwww….. poor lefties… you’re only upset ’cause Keaton’s families political views are different than yours, boo hoo. That’s all they are, in my opinion. Just upset that the political views are different. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting the Confederate Flag still, and it doesn’t make you racist if you still do. Once again, libtards are upset ’cause Keaton’s family aren’t liberals so they attack. Hey liberals, the world doesn’t revolve you and you’re going to live with that. You’re going to have to accept that everyone’s political views are going to be different so fucking deal with it.

On top of all this, though, school bullying is pretty serious and it’s no joke ’cause I’ve been a victim of bullying through school myself. I’m feeling Keaton. Yes, I really was bullied throughout middle school and high school. I’ve been picked on, been made fun of and have been laughed at by the whole class a lot. I’ve never really gotten myself into any fist fights or nothing like that, but I have been pushed around and have been kicked a few times before. I’ve also been threatened to fight some kid after school a few times as well (I’ve never showed up, of course). I’ve had other kids ruin school projects on me many times and kids made fun of my appearance many times. School is nuts, it really is. People have no idea what kids really go through at school.

I still remember some of the bullies and still remember their names. A few of them actually became friends with me now that we’re older. A lot of them I don’t see anymore which is good. I see some of them went to jail for some things over the years which is interesting. Some of them even have FB accounts. Yep, I still remember who most of them are. There were even girls that picked on me too.

I still do get bullied by people who are full grown adults to this day, but I’m grown up enough and tough enough to ignore it all now. I was bullied through my school years ’cause maybe I was very shy (I really was) and maybe I was different ’cause I have scoliosis, ya know?

Anyway, the school days are over and I’m glad. As I get older, I learned how to stay positive, stay strong and stay above the negativity.

As far as that Keaton video goes, what he did was very brave and courageous. Keaton’s Mom releases that video and his family gets all kinds of harassment by stupid leftards. Now you just figured out why some young kids are so afraid to speak out about being a victim of bullying ’cause you never know what kind of reaction they’ll get. Think about that.





So America wants to get rid of the “Confederate Flag”, is the “American Flag” next???

It was only a matter of time that the entertainment industry is gonna target the “Dukes of Hazzard”. It seems that the media turned the “Confederate Flag” into the next “Swastika”. What’s next? Pretty soon, the American people are gonna call the “American Flag” racist and they’ll get rid of that too. It’s coming, America! America will replace “American Flags” with Muslim flags. I hope America is proud of themselves trying to re-write history.