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Report: Catwoman doesn’t get along too well with Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Sparrow on the Hollywood Blvd.

I went to Hollywood last Fall around Halloween, and the Blvd. is one hell of an interesting street. The famous street can be both good and bad. The good: Lots of fun, and exciting things to do and see there. The bad: A lot of crazy whack jobs that hang in front of the Starbucks & the Chinese theater, the main part of the Blvd. When I mean whack jobs, are the people that dress up in movie and TV characters. They hang around there all day long, taking photos with the tourists. If you take photos with them, they will probably ask you for a donation. That’s what they do to make money. It’s been that way with Hollywood for years.

A fight broke out between other characters. Catwoman was busy doing her usual thing, taking photos with the tourists, and other characters tried to pick a fight with her too, interupting her photo sessions. She peppered sprayed Jack Sparrow and an Ozzy impersonator. Catwoman is being a real life hero here. I believe she used the pepper spray for self defense. She had the pepper spray on her for protection, knowing how crazy the Blvd can get sometimes. Sounds like the other characters got a little jealous of Catwoman ’cause she was probably taking more photos with tourists than the others. I’m on Catwoman’s side and she gets my support on this.

Read the full story, here.


A UK man’s custom Star Trek home gets destroyed after a heated divorce…

A man named, Tony Alleyne, who is from the UK, is a big time, Star Trek, geek. Yes, he’s a die hard fan. Tony is so obsessed with Star Trek, that he even turned his home into a Starship Enterprise. It took years and lots of money to build. His wife couldn’t stand it, so she divorced him and now she wants to sell the home since she owns it. Since she’s selling the home, Tony has no choice but to destroy all the Star Trek stuff he built in it.

Tony admits he was upset and he plans to rebuild, when he gets his own home.

Read the full story and see photos of the home, here.

In my opinion, his ex-wife is a pretty selfish bitch that couldn’t appreciate his love for, Star Trek. Lessons learned, Tony, never marry a woman who is not a die hard, Trekkie. That would be a pretty cool house to live in, I would go crazy over it, since I’m a Trekkie myself.

If he wants to get married again, then he should find a woman who loves Star Trek as much as he does, that way he would not have to go through this again.


Thought: About the Ohio exotic animals controversy…

Everybody’s been talking about this on the internet so I thought I would give my opinion and thoughts on this news. Earlier this week, a man named Terry W. Thompson, who owned an animal farm full of exotic animals in Zanesville, killed himself after releasing his animals. There were tigers, lions, black bears, baboons, a wolf, various monkeys, etc. The list is endless.

The Zanesville police department shot and killed most of the animals, but a few still haven’t been found. I would think the few that haven’t been found are probably out in the woods somewhere. In my opinion, I think killing the animals was just wrong. They should have captured the animals and put them back out in the wild where they originally came from.

As for why Terry did this, I’m seeing a lot of people are calling him a prick for this, but the way I look at it is, maybe he did it to try and send a message? Maybe he felt bad that he kept those animals. Maybe he wanted to send a message to other exotic animal farms and family Zoos in the United States, that all animals need to be out in the wild. Just a few things to think about, you know? I think he was protesting something, sending a clear message. He didn’t do this as a random act, he had something to say.

These are just my thoughts, that is all.


Report: LOL, Sesame Street youtube channel, hacked with porn…


Yesterday, the Sesame Street youtube channel was briefly hacked with adult porn videos showing up on their page.

Read the full story, here.

This is not going to be the end for them who ever did it. Next they’ll hit the Disney youtube channel or maybe Nikelodeon. They’ll hit any youtube channel that is aimed at the children audience.

To the people behind this, why would they want to do something like this? Offend children and parents with adult porn? I think there’s more of a reason to that.

While porn is obviously banned in youtube, maybe this is their way of bringing it to their attention that porn should be allowed in youtube. Should youtube have an adult section?

Porn should be kept out of youtube. It is banned in youtube for good reasons. If porn was allowed in youtube, then people would be uploading all kinds of crazy things. They also want to keep illegal porn material off the site. I think that’s the main reason why porn is banned in youtube.


Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins starts his own wrestling fed. called, Resistance Pro…

A lot of people know that Billy Corgan, is a huge wrestling fanatic much like myself. Well Billy is finally doing something in the wrestling business. He just started his own wrestling fed. called, Resistance Pro. His company will have their first live wrestling event at the Excalibur on Nov. 25th in Chicago.

Billy said in those video interviews that he doesn’t plan to wrestle in an actual match, but he said he’ll work behind the scenes of that event. He’ll be in charge of writing the storylines for the show. He said his goal with the company is to keep the wrestling old school.

Congrats to Billy and I wish him luck with the show. I’m sure fans will be videotaping the show with cell phone cameras and stuff, when they do, I’m sure videos of this show will land on youtube. You’ll be able to see what this show is like then.

Even though Billy won’t wrestle in a match, will he get himself involved in a storyline somehow? I’m sure he would write himself into a storyline. I’m sure fans who bought tickets for that show are expecting Billy to perform something that night, so I’m sure he’ll be out there.

This is a cool thing he’s doing.


Edit to add: I also wanted to say that I would think Billy is doing this wrestling thing for fun. I don’t think he’s looking to make big money off of this ’cause he’s already loaded from his music career anyway. He just loves wrestling and this is his way of being a part of it. I don’t think this wrestling company will ever be as big as WWE/TNA. Billy just wants to do something fun outside of music. If I lived in Chicago, I would certainly go to this for sure.

Report: Ben & Jerry’s launches new ice cream flavor “Schweddy Balls”…

Ben & Jerry’s launched a new ice cream flavor this week called, “Schweddy Balls”, which was named after Alec Baldwin’s, “Saturday Night Live” character.

More on the story, here.

Hmmmmm, I’ll have to give this one a try next time I hit the grocery store.

While I do eat mostly a clean nutrition, I still have a craving for ice cream. I’ve been eating quite a bit of ice cream all summer. I love Ben & Jerry’s. I haven’t lost any muscle or anything, it’s all good. As long as you eat a clean nutrition throughout the day, there’s nothing wrong with a before bed cheat snack. Ice cream is the only snack food I’ll touch. Life is too short to eat healthy all the time. As long as you’re already good with fitness & nutrition, cheat away but do it wisely.

Some of my other favorite Ben & Jerry flavors are: Late Night Snack, Milk & Cookies, Chocolate Mint, Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, and Red Velvet Cake.


Hurricane Irene, on her way here???

Facebook can’t stop talking about Hurricane Irene, people’s been talking about it in their status’s all day. Hurricane Irene is on her way here. Will the Hurricane actually hit NY State? First we get an Earthquake, now a possible Hurricane is near.

My prediction is that we’ll definitely get really heavy rains and possible strong winds. That’s about it, nothing serious. I don’t think the actual Hurricane will hit here.


Massive 5.8 quake shakes East Coast…

I was reading a book on the front porch all afternoon (George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance With Dragons”). I go back in to check facebook, and almost everybody is talking an Earthquake that just happened in NY State. The quake came from Virginia and rocked almost all of the East Coast.

Did I feel it? Did I notice it? I think I did. I was reading on a couch that swings back and forth on the front porch. I felt it swinging back and forth by itself, and  I didn’t even move it. I think I did feel something, not quite sure.

A nasty rumor started in twitter that the Washington Monument tilted because of the quake, don’t believe it as of yet, folks, it could be a hoax. Even though it was brought up by FOX news and MSNBC, it still doesn’t mean it’s confirmed. I’ll believe it when I see the Monument myself.

We hardly ever get earthquakes around here, once in a while we do, but I think this is the first time we got a pretty big one.


Thought: More on Anthony Weiner…

So the big news, that Anthony Weiner resigned from the House of Representative of the New York State today. He finally gave up. He couldn’t take the heat anymore.

I’m noticing on the internet that he’s getting a mix of love and hate for his actions, posting sexual pictures on twitter that sparked controversy.

To be real here, there is nothing wrong with taking sexual photos of yourselves and showing them to other people, as long it’s in their consent and as long as it’s in their legal age. It’s a sexual fantasy thing that a lot of people do. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you enjoy it for your own privacy. It was his fault that this happened because he made it public on twitter.

Anthony Weiner has grown a large supportive fanbase because of this going on. I see a lot of wall posts in facebook, people saying “leave Weiner alone”, and all that stuff.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking sexual pictures of yourself, it can be very risky. Many people have done it, and many people have gotten fired from their jobs because of it. This is something that is called “karma”.

You must be very careful when you do these things. What happened with Anthony Weiner should be a lesson for everyone else. So just something to keep in mind for you all who have jobs out there. This can happen to anybody, not just politicians.