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This is what American malls in 1989 used to look like…

If you want a bit of a flashback well here’s a good one. I remember when I was a kid, probably around my teenage years… I remember malls used to be the coolest thing back in those days. Those were the days when Best Buy and FYE didn’t exist yet.

Those were the days when record stores used to be cool. Today we have FYE/Best Buy, back then we had either “Tape World” or “Record Town”. Those were days when arcades were really hot and arcades used to be full of people. Nobody cares for arcades at the malls anymore thanks to the Playstation and the Xbox systems.

Back then toy stores were really hot for kids, we used to have toy stores like Toys R Us and KB Toys at the malls in the earlier days.

I remember the malls used to have clothing stores for hippies like the Silver Mine but we don’t have those stores anymore. These days we have either Hot Topic or Spencer’s.

I remember in the old days we used to buy video games at Electronics Boutique: these days we have Best Buy, Gamestop or those buy new/used game trading stores in the malls.

Malls used to be great in the old days but they suck now. Shopping malls are no longer exciting to go to anymore like they used to. Yeah, I still go to the mall a lot these days but I only go for the movies for the most part. Another reason I still go to the malls a lot is ’cause I need to keep buying movies on Bluray, get new videogames that come out or buy music CD’s if I find good ones that I like.

Malls are crap these days. Nothing but clothing stores, mostly. Back then there was a wide variety of shopping but not today. Food courts back then used to be the coolest places you could eat but mall food courts suck now. I hate the food court at the Wilton Mall. Crossgates is just as bad.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a shopping addict but I don’t feel guilty at all for it. You can only live once. Get all the good stuff while you still can!


Penthouse magazine will no linger print after 50 years of being on newsstands…

First Playboy magazine announced the shocking news that they will no longer print nude pictorials of their female models. Next, here comes Penthouse magazine with their major announcement that they will no longer print after 50 years of being on newsstands.

There’s a difference between Playboy and Penthouse magazine. Playboy was more softcore and Penthouse was more hardcore. Penthouse was originally founded by Bob Guccione who started the magazine to compete with Hefner’s “Playboy”. Later in the years though, Guccione resigned as CEO of Penthouse and then FriendFinder took over.

Penthouse announced that they will no longer print their magazine but instead they will do their stuff digitally for the internet.

What’s going on with the adult entertainment magazines? What’s with the sudden changes? Is it because of the economics and they can’t afford to do this stuff anymore? That could be a part of it. I think it’s because most guys and even some women look at their porn on the internet these days ’cause porn is more popular than men’s magazines now. That could be it right there.

I used to look at Penthouse magazine a lot when I was young, though. I’m pretty sure all guys did even though some will never admit it.

Now that Playboy is no longer doing nudes. Penthouse will no longer be in print. Where do guys go for their naked girl fix now? The internet probably. There’s all kinds of free and paying porn sites on the internet. I don’t look at porn on the internet and that’s no lie either. I’m worried about virus attacks and spyware and stuff. Screw porn. You don’t need that stuff when there are real women everywhere you go.


Libtards have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended over things…

Libtards are out there saying things like, “Don’t be offended over a coffee cup. It’s just a coffee cup”. Um, yeah… coming from people who got offended easily over the Confederate Flag, that’s pretty funny. A flag is just a flag. Liberals get so offended over the littlest things where there is no reason for them at all to be offended over things like the Confederate Flag, McDonald’s toys and Barbie Dolls. Things like that. So I ask again what gives the right for liberals to tell conservatives not to be offended over certain things? Aren’t they the ones getting offended over everything?

On top of that, who cares about Starbucks anyways. I’m not a coffee drinker. Never have been but I can understand why some would get upset when they want to get rid of “Merry Christmas” on coffee cups. They just want chain businesses to get into the Christmas spirit and a red cup isn’t enough. That’s all they’re saying really.

I’m just saying that liberals are being hypocrites like they usually are. They have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended at things when they are the most easily offended people on the planet.


Why McDonald’s is planning on serving breakfast all day…

I think the only reason why McDonald’s is planning on serving breakfast all day is simply put, they’re really desperate on winning back their customers. McDonald’s has gotten a lot of flak over the years ’cause of their bad food and bad customer service. You get the deal. McDonald’s realized that people love their breakfast more than their lunch/dinners. So in order to win the people back over, they decided it was best to serve breakfast all day.

I’ll have to admit though that their breakfast is definitely better. I like their Egg McMuffins and Hash browns for sure. Who wouldn’t like McD’s breakfast? That’s probably the only reason… they know they’re losing support and trying to win it back.

I’m not big on fast food anymore like I used to be. Since I got into fitness and bodybuilding and stuff, I had to give up fast food but once in a blue moon I’ll eat fast food still as a cheat meal or when I’m on the road for a vacation or whatever.


One final thought on this whole Chick Fil A debate…

One final thing that I would like to add along to the discussion, I decided to make a new post instead of editing in. There’s a new argument that came up in facebook, and the reason the gay community and “same sex” marriage supporters are upset about this, is not only because of Dan Cathy’s comments. It’s because some people are upset because Chick Fil A, donated money to anti gay organizations. Win Shape Foundation which is a partner of Chick Fil A, Win Shape donated $2 million to anti gay groups sometime in 2009/10.

I can understand why some would feel upset about that and why some people would boycott Chick Fil A because of the donation thing.

But if you think about it, there are plenty of people out there that are against same sex marriage. The world doesn’t revolve around same sex marriage supporters, and that’s what’s pissing me off. Those anti gay marriage organizations was made for people who are against same sex marriage. If you are against same sex marriage like myself, you can feel free to donate money to Chick Fil A and they’ll pass it along to those organizations. Not everybody supports “same sex” marriage. I’m sure there are also plenty of business owners whether a chain business or local business, some of them are probably against same sex marriage too. Not everyone have to support it or respect same sex marriage.  You have your own little group of supporting same sex marriage, we have our own little group of anti same sex marriage. Get the point? Good. I was gonna post that in my facebook page, but I didn’t want to keep the debate going ’cause people are going to keep disagreeing with me, the others are gonna think they’re right all the time. So I post it here instead.

Facebook has been exploding with Chick Fil A debates and rants all day. It’s overwhelming and giving me a headache. Now I’ll shut up about this.


Report: Reed Hastings speaks out on price raise of Netflix, also unveils Qwikster…

Reed Hastings, the head honcho of “Netflix” finally speaks out about the backlash of the price raise. He says the reason they did this because they are starting to realize that streaming and DVD are both becoming two different businesses. They needed to let both grow and market differently & separately. They feel the businesses need to evolve and improve.

He also unveils the Netflix DVD rental section will be re-named to, “Qwikster”. It will be the same site, you can still select all of your DVD’s and put ’em in your que’s, but different site name.

Reed also announced the surprising news, that Netflix will have a video game section in there. Soon you will be able to rent games from PS3, Xbox360, and Nintendo Wii which will be really cool.

Read, Reed Hastings, full explanation, here.

No matter what people think of Netflix’s decision, I’m still sticking with them. Yep, both streaming and DVD. The price raise is not that big of a deal. They are a business, they need to do what they need to do. Businesses change, shit happens. Have any of you out there ever owned a business? Yes, I’m sure you’ve had. All businesses want to change and evolve, the same with Netflix.

People need to relax over this.

I’m sticking with Netflix because there are a lot of TV shows on there I want to see that I have never seen before and that’s one of the reasons I joined Netflix to begin with. Plus, I like to watch movies on there too, of course. I joined their DVD rentals for the new releases.

I don’t really watch regular cable TV too much, but I’ll watch a lot of Netflix at night. The show I’m currently watching now is Kiefer Sutherland’s “24”. When I finish this show, I’m thinking of either checking out “Heroes” or “Sons of Anarchy”, not sure yet. Netflix is great, screw the haters.


Report: Ben & Jerry’s launches new ice cream flavor “Schweddy Balls”…

Ben & Jerry’s launched a new ice cream flavor this week called, “Schweddy Balls”, which was named after Alec Baldwin’s, “Saturday Night Live” character.

More on the story, here.

Hmmmmm, I’ll have to give this one a try next time I hit the grocery store.

While I do eat mostly a clean nutrition, I still have a craving for ice cream. I’ve been eating quite a bit of ice cream all summer. I love Ben & Jerry’s. I haven’t lost any muscle or anything, it’s all good. As long as you eat a clean nutrition throughout the day, there’s nothing wrong with a before bed cheat snack. Ice cream is the only snack food I’ll touch. Life is too short to eat healthy all the time. As long as you’re already good with fitness & nutrition, cheat away but do it wisely.

Some of my other favorite Ben & Jerry flavors are: Late Night Snack, Milk & Cookies, Chocolate Mint, Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, and Red Velvet Cake.


Cool Video: Bikini clad woman wrecks Burger King restaurant…

This video is pretty funny stuff. A black woman in bikini wrecks the Burger King restaurant after not being happy with the staff behind the counter. Why did this woman get upset? They messed up her order? Didn’t have the burger she wanted? Not enough change back? This is what you should do if they mess up your order, teach the place a lesson (joking).


Report: Sylvester Stallone to start his own men’s fashion business based on “Rocky” and “Rambo” characters…

Many people don’t know this, but other than being an actor, writer, director, & bodybuilder, Sylvester Stallone is also a business man. He was the one who helped start the “Planet Hollywood” restaurant with other movie stars. He started his own magazine in the 90’s for a while called, “SLY”, magazine. He also started the “Instone LLC” business which is a company that sells healthy supplemental products for bodybuilding/fitness. Not sure if he still has that in business or not.

Sly’s next business adventure, that he will start his own fashion clothing line for men. It will be mostly aimed for men around Sly’s age, but I’m sure people all ages could buy his stuff from there. Sly’s new clothing line will start next year in 2012. The clothing that the business will sell, will be based on the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movie characters. His goal with the company is that he wants men of his age to look like a “Rebel and a gentlemen”.

Read more about it, here.


Cool Video: Zuffa/UFC officially buys Strikeforce…

Dana White announces the huge shocking news that his company, Zuffa, has officially purchased, “Strikeforce“. The fighting company that is shown only on the, Showtime, channel.

As soon as I heard that Dana has bought, Strikeforce, I thought to myself, “Is he going to get rid of the women’s division of Strikeforce?” Toward the end of this interview in this video, Dana was even asked if he’ll keep the women’s division for, Strikeforce. He said he will keep women’s fighting in “Strikeforce”, but he vows to keep women fighting out of UFC. Everyone knows he’s not a fan of women fighting, so he’s a good man for not getting rid of women’s fighting for Strikeforce. I never watched, Strikeforce, before since I don’t have Showtime. I’ve had seen some Strikeforce fights in youtube though.

Seems like Zuffa and Dana White wants to expand their empire. What are they after next? I have a feeling that Zuffa will buy, Bellator, soon. Wouldn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you either.