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Report: Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy empire, takes it private…

First Hugh Hefner gets engaged to 24 year old, Crystal Harris, and now this! Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy Enterprises as a way to stop Penthouse magazine from buying it. The Hef plans to take the company private like the old school days of Playboy.

More on the story, here.

To those who think this is about money, I don’t think it is. Hugh Hefner, doesn’t want Penthouse magazine to take over Playboy, it’s simple as that. I can’t blame him. I don’t want FriendFinder/Penthouse owning Playboy too. Only Hef should have control of Playboy. No one but him.

I like Playboy more than Penthouse. Penthouse magazine isn’t good anymore. Penthouse was good before FriendFinder bought it. I buy Playboy magazine once in a while, whenever something good is in it.


Thought: About the “Don’t Touch My Junk” guy and the TSA…

So, a man named John Tyner, became a huge internet sensation because he got into an argument with security at the TSA checkpoint at an airport. John threatens the security gaurd by saying, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”. While the quote is classic and hilarious, I give the guy kudos for having the balls to fight back at the TSA which not many people do.

I love travelling far distance places, I do like flying, but the only thing I hate about flying is the, TSA. I hate going through that checkpoint. It really pisses me off having to walk through a scanner, being forced to take my shoes and jacket off, and all that bullshit. It’s why I don’t fly much. I only flew twice in my life. The TSA treats passengers like criminals and terrorists. The security of the TSA at airports can be such assholes. I understand that they are just doing their job and following the TSA policies, but they need to treat the passengers with respect and stop acting like police officers.

The TSA are terrible. I only fly just to visit family members that are out of state, only fly for a good reason.

On my way back home from Florida, I got stopped by the security of TSA on my way back in the plane, before my flight back home. Why did he stop me? Because he noticed that my luggage was too big and forced me to take out a pair shoes and put it in the back pack I was carrying instead. I was gonna fight back and say something, but didn’t want to get in trouble. If you argue with the TSA, they wouldn’t let you fly and they would probably have you arrested by police if they wanted. It did really piss me off though.

Now you understand why I hate Terminals and the TSA security. I think it’s awesome that people are taking a stand at the TSA finally. It’s about time. We need security at airports yes, understandable because of 9/11 and all that, but all we want is to be treated with respect, not get treated like criminals…, and to respect our privacy.


Report: Hugh Hefner finally stepping down as owner of Playboy empire??? Virgin Media’s, Richard Branson may buy the company…

Look like the Hef is finally burnt out from Playboy after all these years of him owning the legendary magazine company. First, he put his house next door of the Playboy mansion for sale, and now he’s got the entire Playboy magazine publishing company on sale for $300 million. Rumour has it that, Virgin Media’s, Richard Branson is interested in buying it.

I think the Hef will put the Playboy mansion for sale up next sooner or later. I can understand why the Hef is getting burnt out and tired of all this work since he’s about 80 years old.

More on it here:,0,8454.story


Report: Virgin Megastore in Times Square, NYC to close down for good…

Billboard reports that the “Virgin Megastore” in Times Square, New York City is closing down this coming April. The “Virgin Megastore” is a huge store that goes three floors down, they have escalators and everything. It sells everything in the entertainment biz: music, movies, video games, etc.

The New Yorker’s who live in that great city may now have to shop for music at the Union Square store. The decision for closing the “Virgin Megastore” in New York had something to do with the real estate, and the value connected to the location.

Billboard reports:

Honestly, I must say…..good riddance. When I was just in New York City at Times Square earlier this year, I shopped at that “Virgin Megastore” in Times Square, and to be honest, I hated the store. It’s too huge. It took me two escalators down to get to the DVD section and took me a while to go back up and out of the store with the huge crowd of people in there.

Times Square in New York has a lot of cool stores to shop at, but the “Virgin Megastore” isn’t one of them.


Report: McDonald’s sued by a customer over his wife’s nudie pics!!!

At an Arkansas McDonald’s fast food restaurant, a man named Phillip Sherman took nude photos of his wife on a cell phone. When he went to McD’s for a bite to eat, he left his cell phone there and forgot to take it with him. Realizing that the photos of his naked wife were on the cell phone, an employee took hold of the phone and put his wife’s nude pics online for the world to see with the pics including Phillip’s home address and phone number on them. Phillip’s wife is now getting creepy stalkers and is suing McDonald’s main corporation for 3$ million in damages.

TMZ reports:

1. It was his fault that he left the nude pics on his cell phone when he should be smart enough to take the pics off the cell phone before going anywhere.

2. Phillip should be suing the person who took the phone and uploaded the photos to the internet, not the entire McDonald’s corp itself.

3. The judge won’t reward Phillip anything because this will be hard to prove who took the phone and uploaded them online.

Yep, I predict the lawsuit won’t even happen and will get the dismissal and thrown out.

To all you married men out there or to those who aren’t married who have a girlfriend, lessons be learned….it maybe fun taking nudie pics of your wife or girlfriend… or making homemade porn videos with her…but if you don’t want the whole world to see them…keep them in your own privacy really well.


Report: Dr. Pepper still sticking to their word about our FREE soda as the company promised!!!

Not too long ago, Dr. Pepper begged and begged Guns N’ Roses to release “Chinese Democracy”. A week later, Axl responded to the Dr. Pepper offer, saying that he is flattered as hell that Dr. Pepper supports the band and the long awaited album. Dr. Pepper desperately wanted Guns N’ Roses to release the album this year. The company is sticking to their word that now that the Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” release is real, every person in America gets a free Dr. Pepper.

The company explained before that this isn’t a ploy to help promote Dr. Pepper, they really wanted the band to release the long lost album.

On the release date, Nov. 23rd, to get your free can, go to the Dr. Pepper website where you can enter in your information and then they will send you the coupon so you can get a free can of Dr. Pepper anywhere the drink is sold in the USA.

Billboard reports:

How much do you want to bet that if Dr. Pepper didn’t offer Guns N’ Roses this, then the “Chinese Democracy” release would have been even longer to wait?

Axl just had to jump on this opportunity ’cause he knew this would help promote the album, big time.

You think “Chinese Democracy” will bomb in record sales? Hell NO. Not a fucking chance. With Dr. Pepper helping out to promote the album. It has a possibility of being the biggest album in years. It will definitely sell a lot more copies than Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” that’s for sure.

I see “Chinese Democracy” being no. 1 on the Billboard  200 for at least several weeks or a whole friggin’ year.


Report: PETA at war with Ben & Jerry’s, wants famous ice cream giant to use human breast milk instead of cows…

PETA is on the attack again. The website that protests abuse against animals named PETA sent a letter to the Ben & Jerry’s company begging them to use baby breast milk from a human mother instead of using milk from cows. They feel that using milk from cows is abuse to them as well.

More on it here:

Can PETA become more insane? I wonder what breast milk would taste like at an adult age. The people at PETA must enjoy drinking breast milk if they want Ben & Jerry’s to use it that bad.

Maybe milk from cow farms should be banned in the USA and all milk bought from grocery stores should be breast milk instead.


Report: Rollingstone magazine to shrink…

Jann Wenner the longtime editor in chief for Rollingstone magazine plans to make it shrink to a regular magazine size. For over 40 years the magazine has been in business, the magazine is known for it’s large and wide size. Jann feels that time is over.

The smaller size of Rollingstone will hit newstands Oct. 17th.

More on it here:,2933,401338,00.html

That’s a good thing they are doing! It’s about damn time too! I always hated that large size and it’s hard to read the magazine like that. Now the sentences and paragraphing in the magazine won’t be so wide, lol. The smaller magazine will make it much easier to read. Kudos, I like that idea.


Report: Best Buy to expand to musical instruments…

While Best Buy the popular store that is well known to selling electronics, televisions, stereos, music CD’s, DVDs/Blu Rays, video games, etc. Best Buy plans to expand the business empire into a musical instrument store that sells everything from guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and DJ equipment. They plan to make the instrument expansion to every musicians dream come true from amatuers to pros.

Billboard reports:

Great news! I’ll have a better place to buy guitar strings when that happens!