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BREAKING NEWS: Confirmed…Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” to be Best Buy exclusive officially…

Rumours swirling around the world of the nets that the long awaited Gn’R album “Chinese Democracy” will be released on Nov. 25th through Best Buy exclusive. Turns out, that the release date rumour is false but it is true that “Chinese Democracy” will be Best Buy exclusive. The release date is still being worked out.

Billboard confirmed the news:


I’m not believing anything until I see the damn CD on the shelves, sorry.

I will buy it, if it ever comes out though.


Report: Best Buy to expand to musical instruments…

While Best Buy the popular store that is well known to selling electronics, televisions, stereos, music CD’s, DVDs/Blu Rays, video games, etc. Best Buy plans to expand the business empire into a musical instrument store that sells everything from guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and DJ equipment. They plan to make the instrument expansion to every musicians dream come true from amatuers to pros.

Billboard reports:


Great news! I’ll have a better place to buy guitar strings when that happens!