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Report: Guns N’ Roses sued for copyright infrigement, does this make Axl a hypocrite?

Two indie rock labels has sued Guns N’ Roses for $1 million, accusing Axl Rose for copyright infrigement. Guns N’ Rose and their label Universal Music Group are being sued for copying songs by a German musician named,  Ulrich Schnauss. The Guns N’ Roses song, “Riad N’ Bedouins”, which is on their newest record, “Chinese Democracy” were taken from two of Ulrich Schnauss’s songs titled, “Where Ever You Are”, and a “Strangely Isolated Place”.

More on it here:


If Axl takes copyright infrigement so seriously, which he busted Kevin Cogill for uploading 9 songs from the “Democracy” album to his blog, and now Axl is being accused of copyright infrigement, something is wrong with this picture.


Thought: Giving Guns N’ Roses haters a reality check, about Kevin Cogill the “Chinese Democracy” leaker getting busted…

So Kevin Cogill the “Chinese Democracy” leaker, got some probation time and house arrest for leaking some of the new songs on his blog. In other music blogs and message forums, readers are calling Axl Rose a prick for this. Most readers are on Kevin Cogill’s side. Thinking there is freedom of speech and the 1st amendment, that Kevin Cogill had all the right to do this.

Correction: You’re wrong.

If you read the back of the album covers, take any CD. Look at the back of it, there you’ll see a huge “FBI Piracy Warning”…under it will say “”Unauthorized copying is punishable by Federal law”. Get the hint of the word Federal. This is why Kevin was sent to a Federal trial because he broke a Federal law by uploading unreleased tracks to his blog without Axl Rose’s unauthorized permission and consent.

You must understand copyright infrigement and piracy.

Is Axl a dick for this? I certainly think he is for sure, but if you use a little common sense…this is Axl Rose’s right to do this. Axl is in the right. It’s his copyrighted music. If he created it, and it is copyritten/trademarked. Axl has the right to force legal action.

People out there have to learn that it is not okay to take people’s music without unauthorized permission. That’s what Kevin Cogill did, he needs to suffer consequences for it by Federal Law. Kevin didn’t think it was illegal, now he knows.

Whether you like “Chinese Democracy” or not, Kevin didn’t have the right to upload those tracks before the album’s release date. It is stealing.

Respect the artist’s music that they own. People don’t understand copyright and don’t understand how it works, that’s why they are all shitting on Axl for it. I’m on Axl’s side for this because if my music was stolen without my unauthorized permission, I would force legal action myself. No musician or band likes getting their music stolen so some internet blogger can release it early. Respect the copyright and respect the trademarks of an artists work.

Kevin Cogill certainly got what he deserved.


Thought: Axl Rose, is he a backstabbing prick?

Hmmmmmm, so when the Guns N’ Roses leaker, Kevin Cogill, got arrested for leaking 9 “Chinese Democracy” songs to his blog, Slash showed his support to Axl and the new album, by saying to the leaker, “I hope he rots in jail”.

The next thing you know, we get Axl Rose bashing the hell out of Slash in almost every online message board chat he is doing.

Slash is probably pissed at Axl now, expect Slash to respond to the rants that Axl’s been making about him online soon. Slash has been nothing but nice and supportive to Axl’s new project, and Axl is talking trash at his former bandmates.

Eh? Now you see why the former bandmates want nothing to do with the guy and don’t want to reunite with him. Further proof that a Gn’R reunion will never happen.


Report: Axl Rose discusses “Guns N’ Roses” band name through another message board chat…

Axl Rose just love doing them online chats. He did another one discussing mostly about why he continues to use the Guns N’ Roses band name. And he also gave out his thoughts on when people say that “Chinese Democracy” is an Axl Rose solo album, of course, he says it’s a Guns album, not an Axl album.

Axl continues to use the Gn’R name like I’ve been saying for a long time. Axl owns the band name, he owns the rights to Guns N’ Roses. If you own the copyrights to something, you have complete control of it. Remember, “Axl Rose is Guns N’ Roses”. If Axl one day decided to quit music altogether, that means no Guns N’ Roses. Period.

Read this interesting interview here, it’s pretty long beware:



Report: Axl Rose does “Q&A Session” with fans at fan site message boards…

Axl Rose has always been the type of guy to avoid interviews with the press like with TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. Axl was nice enough to accept the opportunity by regular fans like us to answer fan questions through the most popular Guns N’ Roses fan sites on the web. This is a no holds barred “Fan Q&A” where Axl just speaks whatever he wants with honesty.

It’s a great interview, I enjoyed the read. He speaks on a lot of topics. I finally got my copy of “Chinese Democracy”. It’s a killer album. Axl’s a fine songwriter.



Report: Axl Rose does “Q&A Session” with fans at fan site message boards…

Axl Rose has always been the type of guy to avoid interviews with the press like with TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. Axl was nice enough to accept the opportunity by regular fans like us to answer fan questions through the most popular Guns N’ Roses fan sites on the web. This is a no holds barred “Fan Q&A” where Axl just speaks whatever he wants with honesty.

It’s a great interview, I enjoyed the read. He speaks on a lot of topics. I finally got my copy of “Chinese Democracy”. It’s a killer album. Axl’s a fine songwriter.



RANT: People need to quit saying that Guns N’ Roses is not Guns N’ Roses without it’s original band members and here’s why…

So who are the original members of Guns N’ Roses? Are you reffering to Axl, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler? Not really. I don’t think Guns N’ Roses has any original members of the band. But I would say this though, there is only one original member of the band. That is no one other than Axl Rose himself of course. He is the one that created the band and the one that formed the band all by himself.

Those 4 members I listed above may have played on the first two Gn’R albums “Gn’R Lies” and “Destruction”, but they certainly aren’t the original members. Gn’R had different members way before they even went in the studio to record their first album “Lies”.

Gn’R had different members over the years, it wasn’t always Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven, although those four members created the band’s original sound and became what they became today. Matt Sorum the drummer for Velvet Revolver is not Gn’R’s original drummer, Sorum didn’t join the band until “Use Your Illusion I and II”. That is when Dizzy Reed joined also.

Axl Rose IS Gn’r. His band can still be Gn’r without Slash, Izzy, Steven and Duff. Without Axl Rose, Gn’r would be nothing. Just like Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant would be nothing. A band can always have different members as it pleases as long as it keeps it’s frontman that created the band or a band’s leading hero. Axl Rose is the only important original member ’cause it’s his creation. Think about it and use common sense.

If you create something, you have complete control of everything yourself. Billy Corgan is able to go on with the Smashing Pumpkins with different members because he’s the creator and the band’s leader. The Smashing Pumpkins isn’t always going to be about D’arcy and James Iha. The Rolling Stones had different members over the years, the same for Aerosmith and Van Halen.

All them legendary bands can keep going on with different members as they please as long as they keep their leading heros that made the band for what it is today. For example, the Rolling Stones would be nothing without Mick and Keith. Aerosmith would be nothing without Steven Tyler and Joe Perry but they can keep having different members all they want to. Van Halen can continue to evolve with new members ’cause Van Halen would be nothing without Eddie Van Halen, the band’s main hero. Where would Ac/Dc be without Angus and Malcolm? Queen can go on without Freddie Mercurcy because Brian May is the hero and main man and he has the power to do that if he pleases. Metallica can have different bass players but Metallica would be nothing without James, Kirk and Lars ’cause they are the leaders.

When people say Gn’R is not Gn’R without Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven…I just laugh. Axl Rose is Guns N’ Roses, I’ll repeat myself once again. It’s all about moving forward in music. Not backwards. I love the work on “Chinese Democracy” and I personally think the musicians that played on “Democracy” are better musicians than the older Gn’r members.

From what I read on the Blabbermouth website, the former Gn’r members were very approval of “Democracy” and they seem to love Axl’s work with the new album too. So they definitely approve of Axl doing the new album without them. “Democracy” is great work and a piece of art. It is worth the wait in my opinion.

So, those so called “fans” of Guns N’ Roses who keep slamming the band and Axl Rose for recording “Chinese Democracy” without it’s so called original members, have no idea what music is all about. Axl was looking for the right sound, Axl wanted to give what the songs needed. If Axl had Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven played on “Democracy”, the songs wouldn’t sound like they are now. Axl has different band members over the years for a reason. It’s all about looking for the right musicians who know’s what his songs needs. Fitting the right sound and style of playing.

Maybe that is why Axl cut Bryan May’s guitar tracks off “Catcher in the Rye” and put Bumblefoot’s tracks in there instead ’cause Axl wanted a different feel of the song of what he hears in his head. Axl is just being careful and taking his slow time with the music, to make sure he’s putting out good music. Axl wanted a new sound with the new Guns N’ Roses, evolving into a new sound rather than trying to recapture the classic 80’s sound. The hair metal thing is over and done with. Hair metal is dead. Get over it. It’s all about exploring new sounds and styles. Not all bands want to stay in the same style of music.

Axl is making music and his songs how he wants to make them. Music fans that bash Guns N’ Roses are delusional and need to use common sense. Axl is doing what he wants to do just like all musicians do what they want to do in their careers. Give the man a break. Shhhheeeesssshhhhh…


Report: Full letter to Dr. Pepper written by Guns N’ Roses lawyer here…

Blabbermouth has the full letter written by Axl’s lawyer to Dr. Pepper. Read the whole thing. The whole letter sounds harsh and nasty. Dr. Pepper deserves it though. Dr. Pepper, greedy bastards. I hope Axl sues them to the ground, what a ripoff.

See it here:



Whose Side Are You On: Axl Rose vs. Dr. Pepper…

Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses are threatening legal action and demanding an apology from Dr. Pepper. They are calling it a “complete fiasco” of a publicity stunt. Meaning that the company used the band as a ploy to help promote Dr. Pepper soda. Not too long ago, Dr. Pepper made a promise that everyone in the United States would get a free can of Dr. Pepper on Nov. 23rd the day of the release date for their new album “Chinese Democracy” if the album gets released this year. Well, the album is finally here and from what I’ve seen on the website, there was no free offer of a Free Dr. Pepper can that they promised. On Nov. 23rd, release day, the Dr. Pepper website crashed, the band says, and I agree, I couldn’t get on the website myself that day, and I thought I was the only one. Did Dr. Pepper take the website down that day or something?

The company promised “everyone” in America gets a free can, that means everyone. Yet the website made it difficult for “everyone” to get a free can by filling out this stupid little form that no one probably did just to print out this little coupon. America getting a free can of Dr. Pepper when the “Chinese Democracy” album comes out this year was a complete failure by the company’s part.

Rollingstone reports:


I’m on Axl’s side all the way.

Dr. Pepper never cared for Guns N’ Roses or Axl Rose himself. All they cared about was using the band to help promote Dr. Pepper.

Lessons be learned to all bands out there, never trust companies that want to help promote your music. Axl shouldn’t have fallen for it. He probably feels like an idiot for going for this deal.

Boycott Dr. Pepper, I will never drink or buy their soda ever again. Backstabbers!


Today is Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” FREE Dr. Pepper Day!!!

“Chinese Democracy” is finally here after a 14 year long wait. As I said, I fucking loved the new album, it is amazing. People would probably hate me for sayin’ this but oh well, I ain’t afraid to voice out my honest music opinions, I personally think “Chinese Democracy” is better than “Apetite For Destruction”. “Destruction” is a good record, but man, that is one of the records you get sick and tired of hearing so many times. “Destruction” is kind of an overrated album, to me “Destruction” is nothing special but I like “Use Your Illusion I and II” more. Hearing “Chinese Democracy” in myspace, I was pretty speechless and knocked out. It’s definitely worth the long wait. Now the album is finally here expect the album to be no. 1 on the Billboard for a few weeks or even more. I personally think “Chinese Democracy” has the potential to be the next biggest selling album in years. So watch out Shania Twain.

For your free Dr. Pepper: go to http://www.drpepper.com/, they have a free Dr. Pepper form up there keeping their promise.

Congrats to Axl.