Report: Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy empire, takes it private…

First Hugh Hefner gets engaged to 24 year old, Crystal Harris, and now this! Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy Enterprises as a way to stop Penthouse magazine from buying it. The Hef plans to take the company private like the old school days of Playboy.

More on the story, here.

To those who think this is about money, I don’t think it is. Hugh Hefner, doesn’t want Penthouse magazine to take over Playboy, it’s simple as that. I can’t blame him. I don’t want FriendFinder/Penthouse owning Playboy too. Only Hef should have control of Playboy. No one but him.

I like Playboy more than Penthouse. Penthouse magazine isn’t good anymore. Penthouse was good before FriendFinder bought it. I buy Playboy magazine once in a while, whenever something good is in it.


One thought on “Report: Hugh Hefner re-buys Playboy empire, takes it private…”

  1. PLAYBOY is an American cultural treasure. It used to be the in magazine for celebrities, authors, world leaders to be interviewed. The pinup art, the cartoons, and the photography always were fun. I didn’t care for the product since his daughter took over many moons ago. I’m old enough to remember the PLAYBOY night club scene. I agree, it would be sad to see PLAYBOY in the dustbin of our country’s culture. The young day dreaming bachelors of today can enter the world of buxom beauties, celebrities, and fun locations like Las Vegas.

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