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Playboy shows off it’s first non-nude issue… it’s actually kind of cool, I guess…

Not so bad, really. Kind of different and I actually like it. Maybe Playboy can do well with their new change. Now that Playboy is officially non-nude, it is now legal for underage men to buy at newsstands. I think that’s why Hugh Hefner did this is to attract a younger audience of men and even young women? Keep in mind there are even some women that read Playboy too. More young teenagers will be able to buy Playboy now, I think. That’s what they want, I believe.


Remember now, women are more than just tits & ass. A woman don’t always have to be naked to be beautiful and maybe that’s what Playboy wants to prove, ya know?


Pam Anderson agrees to pose nude for Playboy’s final nude issue…

At 48 years old, Pam Anderson agreed to pose nude again for Playboy’s final nude issue. Pam Anderson hasn’t taken it all off in a long while but I’m sure the only reason she agreed to do this ’cause she has a pretty big legacy with Playboy. She always has been a huge part of Playboy ’cause she had many cover shots with them.

I’m sure she’ll look no different, though. Just the same old blonde & plastic barbie doll.


Will the Pam Anderson issue be a hit? I doubt it ’cause most of us are pretty fed up with those plastic barbie dolls. They won’t sell much. Nobody cares about Pam Anderson anymore either.

Seriously, I’m not a big fan of breast implants which is pretty much why I stopped looking at nudie magazines all together. When I was young, I used to buy nudie magazines all the time but I don’t anymore. I thought to myself, why look at those magazines when there’s real women all over the place? That’s another reason I stopped looking at them.

I probably won’t buy the magazine but I’m sure Pam Anderson’s new pictorial will get leaked online anyways so I’ll check it out then.


Is Playboy trying to compete with other men’s magazines? Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Blender, Stuff, etc. I’d say yes!!!

I know another post on this but I’ve got something else to say about it that came up in my mind. I would think another big possible reason that Playboy is going PG soon is that I think they are trying to compete with the other popular men’s magazines that are out there like Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Blender, Stuff, etc. I think that’s what they’re probably doing. Trying to take the spotlight of all the other men’s magazines that are out there. So that probably means that Playboy is gonna have to get rid of all the sex stories and all the swearing in interviews as well. I don’t read men’s magazines at all but I used to, though. You don’t need to read these things to become a better man.

Anyway, this move should definitely help “Penthouse” for sure so I’m sure that magazine is happy. More and more people are already threatening to unsubscribe to “Playboy” and a lot more people will probably turn to “Penthouse” instead. More business for “Penthouse”. “Penthouse” is definitely a better magazine anyway ’cause they are totally hardcore while “Playboy” was more softcore.

Also since Playboy is soon gonna be transforming into more PG friendly, more people are asking Playboy to have more natural models… the real models without the airbrushing ’cause most people are fed up with the plastic barbie dolls these days. I hear them, though and I agree. The plastic barbie dolls in the industry are becoming a problem these days… I don’t care for those kind of women myself and I’m all for the naturals. I mean, think about it right? If you’re gonna go PG friendly, then why continue to have plastic barbie dolls when they’re gonna be all covered up? Nobody wants to see that. If Playboy is serious on going PG than they better take their readers advice and have more natural models.

I wonder who Playboy is planning to put on the front cover of the first non-nude issue in March? They’ll put some female celebrity on the front cover like Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey or Lady Gaga to help keep people’s interest.

When Playboy made this shocking announcement, I too was scratching my head a little bit and I’m like “Huh”? I’m surprised like everyone else.


More on Playboy going family friendly…

I know Playboy have gotten a lot of critics toward their magazine over the years. Lots of young women taking their clothes off and getting paid for it. Maybe this is just an experiment to give an opportunity for models who are not comfortable with nudity wanting to pose for a magazine, ya know? This could also be an opportunity for more female celebrities to pose for Playboy ’cause a lot of celebrities turned down the magazine ’cause they don’t feel comfortable being naked in a room full of photographers.

Maybe Hefner wants to try something different, ya know? Branch out a little bit. Maybe they want more younger readers. Make the magazine legal for teenagers & young adults to buy, ya know?

Their nude pictorials weren’t that great anyway so let it go. All their women were airbrushed mostly and full of plastic surgery and breast implants. Women too perfect which is a turn off, in my opinion. They don’t include a lot of nude pictorials anyway, just one or two pages worth of nude pics and “Penthouse” has a lot more. Maybe it is a good idea, after all?

Playboy hasn’t been good in over a decade. I used to look at Playboy all the time in the past but don’t anymore, though.

Of course, I was one of those guys who started looking at Playboy underage when I was a young teenager. I’m sure most guys started looking at dirty magazines underage, don’t lie about it now.


Playboy to stop featuring pictorials of nude women in March of 2016… really? Huh???

Playboy just made a shocking announcement that I find very strange. The longtime men’s magazine which is famous for featuring nude models of mostly airbrushed pictorials and barbie dolls full of plastic surgery & breast implants has announced that they will no longer feature pictorials with nude women in March of 2016.

The reason they are doing it? Their excuse is “time changes” aka getting low in subscription sales and nobody is buying the magazine anymore.


If they’re serious on this move, people will stop buying the magazine even more. Playboy without nude women isn’t Playboy, in my opinion. They better think about changing the magazine name if they’re serious about this move.

Anyway, y’all, fuck Playboy. If you need your porn fix… there’s always “Penthouse”, “Hustler” and many others at your adult newsstands. There is also all kinds of free porn on the internet and there’s all kinds of porn on twitter too.

Actually, I stopped looking at internet porn and dirty magazines a long time ago which is why I started researching all of this “pick up artist” stuff and get some real women in my life hopefully. Porn is for losers anyway, get some confidence, learn the skills and learn how to pick up real women. Hopefully I’ll start getting real women in my bed pretty soon. Watch me.


Hugh Hefner responds to Holly Madison’s claims in new tell-all book, as I predicted he calls them bullshit…

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy founder just released a statement about Holly Madison’s so-called shocking tell-all book…

He said:

“Over the course of my life I’ve had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women,” the Playboy founder explains to Us. “Many moved on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, and I’m pleased to say remain dear friends today. Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight. I guess, as the old saying goes: You can’t win ’em all!”


Hugh Hefner is a pretty classy guy, in my opinion. Holly is just a cunt trying to leech off his fame & fortune. Nothing more. He should sue her for slander & libel but it doesn’t look like he’s going to.


Is Holly Madison being truthful about her life in the Playboy Mansion???

Holly Madison, former Playboy playmate and one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends is releasing a tell all book to tell stories of her life living in the Playboy mansion. She’s about to reveal some pretty bombshell stuff about Hugh Hefner of what really goes on in the Playboy mansion.

Crazy stories such as this stuff in the articles here:



Is Holly being truthful? Last thing you wanna do is trust those Playboy playmates. She could be trying to make an eye-catching book to make Hugh Hefner look bad just to make some extra bucks, ya know? Hugh Hefner himself is probably gonna respond to her claims about him pretty soon.

Even if the stuff she says was true, it’s her own fault for getting herself into that lifestyle to begin with. It is obvious that all those women go to Hugh Hefner for the money and a career boost, everyone knows that.

I’m sure it’s pretty crazy in the mansion but despite what anyone thinks, Hugh Hefner is a good guy. Whenever I read an interview or watch an interview with him in youtube, he seems pretty down to earth and cool to me but yes, the guy can be a bit of a whack job too, I’m not denying that.

I’m not gonna read that book and you shouldn’t either. Don’t waste your money on it. Holly should be careful here ’cause Hef could sue her if he wanted.


Why do people like Azealia Banks have a career in music? WOW!!!

Rapper Azealia Banks is in a heated feud with FOX News reporter, Eric Bolling. Eric is just doing his job… doing what he is supposed to do is report news and Azealia is unprofessionally responding to him and attacking him on twitter. I mean, she did a Playboy interview and said some offensive things by “hating America” and she expects Americans not to call her out?

Why is it okay for a black person to say things like “Go suck a dick and die” to a white person? Isn’t that kind of racist? Yes, I believe so. I look at her offensive tweet and sure enough, her “fans” are all over it. What Azealia said is a threat and she used homophobic slurs. Doing a little google search, she used homophobic slurs before and GLAAD called her out for it.

How come liberals aren’t being outraged against Azealia’s behavior on twitter? Where is the liberal outrage that she’s using homophobic slurs? Why do people like Azealia Banks and Chris Brown have a career in music when they shouldnt’?

Welcome to the new music industry, y’all. We’re in an age where rappers can do and say bad things, yet they get away with it. Instead of getting a public backlash, they get rewarded.



You can add Azealia Banks to the traitors list too…

So did Iggy Azalea had every right to attack Azealia Banks on twitter now? I believe so.

It’s amazing how Playboy would publish such an offensive interview. So she’s the first female rapper to get a cover shot and do a nude pictorial for Playboy? Then she rants about America and goes on about how she hates everything about the country? No surprise there since she seems to be a die-hard liberal and talking trash at conservatives. No surprise that she would be anti-America just like all liberals seem to be anti-American.

Kind of funny how they publish an interview of her trashing America and conservatives, then they have an interview with Dick Cheney along with it.


Look I’m gonna boycott Playboy magazine and I’ll never buy that magazine again

Azalea Banks is just doing whatever she can to get attention. She put out a new record back in Nov. of 2014 and now she’s doing whatever she can to promote it. Doing a nude pictorial and spewing a bunch of bullshit and hate.

Welcome to the new music industry where they make artists famous by controversy and negativity. Her latest record must not be selling all that well. That’s probably why this bitch is mad.


Interesting article on why men prefer MILF’s these days…

Playboy posted an interesting article on why men prefer older women these days.

Check it out here:


Not only that older women are more experienced and know what they’re doing in bed… they are also easier to get along with too. No drama. No bullshit. They are more nicer and down to earth than the younger women, in my opinion. Younger women can be more of a pain in the neck… with older women you get into more intelligent and mature discussions.

I prefer older ladies myself. I know older women are better ’cause I hung out with some of them in the past as friends. As “friends” as in not dating. Just hanging out and good company.

Would I date MILF’s??? Yes absolutely! Not too old but I would date women who are in their 40’s or early 50’s would be good enough for me.

Of course, finding older women to date would be a lot harder to find ’cause many of them would be married. It’s difficult to find older women you like that are single.

If you wanna date older women, finding them through dating sites would probably be your best option.