Pam Anderson agrees to pose nude for Playboy’s final nude issue…

At 48 years old, Pam Anderson agreed to pose nude again for Playboy’s final nude issue. Pam Anderson hasn’t taken it all off in a long while but I’m sure the only reason she agreed to do this ’cause she has a pretty big legacy with Playboy. She always has been a huge part of Playboy ’cause she had many cover shots with them.

I’m sure she’ll look no different, though. Just the same old blonde & plastic barbie doll.

Will the Pam Anderson issue be a hit? I doubt it ’cause most of us are pretty fed up with those plastic barbie dolls. They won’t sell much. Nobody cares about Pam Anderson anymore either.

Seriously, I’m not a big fan of breast implants which is pretty much why I stopped looking at nudie magazines all together. When I was young, I used to buy nudie magazines all the time but I don’t anymore. I thought to myself, why look at those magazines when there’s real women all over the place? That’s another reason I stopped looking at them.

I probably won’t buy the magazine but I’m sure Pam Anderson’s new pictorial will get leaked online anyways so I’ll check it out then.


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