Is Playboy trying to compete with other men’s magazines? Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Blender, Stuff, etc. I’d say yes!!!

I know another post on this but I’ve got something else to say about it that came up in my mind. I would think another big possible reason that Playboy is going PG soon is that I think they are trying to compete with the other popular men’s magazines that are out there like Maxim, FHM, Esquire, Blender, Stuff, etc. I think that’s what they’re probably doing. Trying to take the spotlight of all the other men’s magazines that are out there. So that probably means that Playboy is gonna have to get rid of all the sex stories and all the swearing in interviews as well. I don’t read men’s magazines at all but I used to, though. You don’t need to read these things to become a better man.

Anyway, this move should definitely help “Penthouse” for sure so I’m sure that magazine is happy. More and more people are already threatening to unsubscribe to “Playboy” and a lot more people will probably turn to “Penthouse” instead. More business for “Penthouse”. “Penthouse” is definitely a better magazine anyway ’cause they are totally hardcore while “Playboy” was more softcore.

Also since Playboy is soon gonna be transforming into more PG friendly, more people are asking Playboy to have more natural models… the real models without the airbrushing ’cause most people are fed up with the plastic barbie dolls these days. I hear them, though and I agree. The plastic barbie dolls in the industry are becoming a problem these days… I don’t care for those kind of women myself and I’m all for the naturals. I mean, think about it right? If you’re gonna go PG friendly, then why continue to have plastic barbie dolls when they’re gonna be all covered up? Nobody wants to see that. If Playboy is serious on going PG than they better take their readers advice and have more natural models.

I wonder who Playboy is planning to put on the front cover of the first non-nude issue in March? They’ll put some female celebrity on the front cover like Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey or Lady Gaga to help keep people’s interest.

When Playboy made this shocking announcement, I too was scratching my head a little bit and I’m like “Huh”? I’m surprised like everyone else.


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