More on Playboy going family friendly…

I know Playboy have gotten a lot of critics toward their magazine over the years. Lots of young women taking their clothes off and getting paid for it. Maybe this is just an experiment to give an opportunity for models who are not comfortable with nudity wanting to pose for a magazine, ya know? This could also be an opportunity for more female celebrities to pose for Playboy ’cause a lot of celebrities turned down the magazine ’cause they don’t feel comfortable being naked in a room full of photographers.

Maybe Hefner wants to try something different, ya know? Branch out a little bit. Maybe they want more younger readers. Make the magazine legal for teenagers & young adults to buy, ya know?

Their nude pictorials weren’t that great anyway so let it go. All their women were airbrushed mostly and full of plastic surgery and breast implants. Women too perfect which is a turn off, in my opinion. They don’t include a lot of nude pictorials anyway, just one or two pages worth of nude pics and “Penthouse” has a lot more. Maybe it is a good idea, after all?

Playboy hasn’t been good in over a decade. I used to look at Playboy all the time in the past but don’t anymore, though.

Of course, I was one of those guys who started looking at Playboy underage when I was a young teenager. I’m sure most guys started looking at dirty magazines underage, don’t lie about it now.


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