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Azealia Banks was suspended on twitter ’cause she’s a black Trump supporter… period…

I believe that the only reason twitter suspended Azealia’s twitter account is ’cause she doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that black people and celebrities hate Trump. If she supported Bernie Sanders or Hillary then she wouldn’t have gotten her twitter account suspended. The media wants people to believe that black people and celebrities hate Trump when you know for a fact, that’s not true at all. Black people and celebrities love Trump, that’s already been proven.

Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks Following Controversial Tweetstorm

All this proves is that our freedom of speech really is in danger. Social networking is pretty liberal these days, all of it: Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Some of you may say, “Well, she broke the TOS of twitter”. I read the TOS on twitter and I don’t see anywhere where trolling, harassing others is against the rules. You can pretty much post what you want on twitter. If someone is bothering you on twitter, all you have to do is block them… that’s what I do.

I’m not a big fan of Azealia but she has the right to post what she wants on twitter. They suspended her ’cause she didn’t fit the “liberal” narrative. Quite sad. I do like the fact that she supports Trump, though. There’s a lot of black people that support Trump.


Azealia Banks vs. Sarah Palin thoughts, is Azealia backpeddling? Seems like it…

Azealia Banks made some harsh statements about Sarah Palin that she should get gang raped by a bunch of black guys and allow for it to be videotaped. Then Azealia wrote an open letter on twitter apologizing to Sarah and claiming that’s not what she really meant (which the open letter she wrote was deleted off of twitter so I found it in the EW link below).




I think Azealia is just a one-hit wonder artist that I don’t know much about trying to do whatever it takes to get more attention and sell more records. So she’s trying to promote her music by attacking Sarah Palin is the way I’m seeing it. I’ve never heard of Azealia Banks until last year when she started saying that she hates the USA and everything about this country, remember that? Now she’s taking her anti-American ways even further by attacking Sarah Palin for no reason. Azealia is just a cunt trying to promote her music, period. End of story.

Azealia is just trying to attract more attention by making Sarah Palin haters into her fans. That’s all she’s doing. Azealia attention whore. I hope Sarah sues her to the ground.


Why do people like Azealia Banks have a career in music? WOW!!!

Rapper Azealia Banks is in a heated feud with FOX News reporter, Eric Bolling. Eric is just doing his job… doing what he is supposed to do is report news and Azealia is unprofessionally responding to him and attacking him on twitter. I mean, she did a Playboy interview and said some offensive things by “hating America” and she expects Americans not to call her out?

Why is it okay for a black person to say things like “Go suck a dick and die” to a white person? Isn’t that kind of racist? Yes, I believe so. I look at her offensive tweet and sure enough, her “fans” are all over it. What Azealia said is a threat and she used homophobic slurs. Doing a little google search, she used homophobic slurs before and GLAAD called her out for it.

How come liberals aren’t being outraged against Azealia’s behavior on twitter? Where is the liberal outrage that she’s using homophobic slurs? Why do people like Azealia Banks and Chris Brown have a career in music when they shouldnt’?

Welcome to the new music industry, y’all. We’re in an age where rappers can do and say bad things, yet they get away with it. Instead of getting a public backlash, they get rewarded.



You can add Azealia Banks to the traitors list too…

So did Iggy Azalea had every right to attack Azealia Banks on twitter now? I believe so.

It’s amazing how Playboy would publish such an offensive interview. So she’s the first female rapper to get a cover shot and do a nude pictorial for Playboy? Then she rants about America and goes on about how she hates everything about the country? No surprise there since she seems to be a die-hard liberal and talking trash at conservatives. No surprise that she would be anti-America just like all liberals seem to be anti-American.

Kind of funny how they publish an interview of her trashing America and conservatives, then they have an interview with Dick Cheney along with it.


Look I’m gonna boycott Playboy magazine and I’ll never buy that magazine again

Azalea Banks is just doing whatever she can to get attention. She put out a new record back in Nov. of 2014 and now she’s doing whatever she can to promote it. Doing a nude pictorial and spewing a bunch of bullshit and hate.

Welcome to the new music industry where they make artists famous by controversy and negativity. Her latest record must not be selling all that well. That’s probably why this bitch is mad.


Iggy shouldn’t have to apologize to Azealia Banks or the protesters of NYC…

The hackers Anonymous, (a different group of hackers, not the Guardians of Peace) have publicly threatened rapper Iggy Azalea that she must apologize to rapper Azealia Banks (or whatever her name is) and the NYC protesters in the next 48 hours or they will leak Iggy’s sex tape that they claim she has.



So it sounds like that Azaelia is criticizing Iggy for being a white rapper that is meant for a black kind of thing is what Azaelia is basically trying to say. So what? Iggy is a white girl and a rapper. Who cares. I’m sure there are many female white rappers. So Azealia’s criticism on that is way off and pretty unfair. Hey Azealia, jealous much? That’s all she is, in my opinion. Sounds like Azealia is just jealous of Iggy’s super stardom and jealous of Iggy selling millions of records while I’m sure Azealia isn’t selling that many.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard of Azealia until this little twitter feud between these two rappers so it sounds like that Azealia is trying to leech off of Iggy’s fame.

I didn’t catch what Iggy said about Eric Garner but whatever she said, Iggy has a right to speak her mind on all of these things. Everyone has a right for an opinion and some rapper named Azealia comes out and bullies Iggy?

Iggy shouldn’t have to apologize. Iggy didn’t do anything wrong. Iggy likes to be a rapper and do her thing and of course, other rappers are gonna insult her. Iggy stood up for herself on twitter which makes me respect her even more.

Just like everyone says Sony shouldn’t cave-in to the “Guardians Of Peace”, Iggy shouldn’t cave-in to Anonymous either and I don’t think she’s going to. Iggy’s cool and she seems like a tough chick. Sure, she might seem like a white girl pretending to be a black girl but who cares? There’s a lot of people like that out there, white people pretending to be black like Eminem, Vanilla Ice and I’m sure the list can go on forever.

I love Iggy. Not ashamed to be a fan. She has every right to stand up for herself. I’m sure she won’t care about her sex tape being leaked… she’s a tough chick and won’t let anything bring her down. Fuck Azealia, she’s just jealous, nothing more.