Azealia Banks was suspended on twitter ’cause she’s a black Trump supporter… period…

I believe that the only reason twitter suspended Azealia’s twitter account is ’cause she doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that black people and celebrities hate Trump. If she supported Bernie Sanders or Hillary then she wouldn’t have gotten her twitter account suspended. The media wants people to believe that black people and celebrities hate Trump when you know for a fact, that’s not true at all. Black people and celebrities love Trump, that’s already been proven.

Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks Following Controversial Tweetstorm

All this proves is that our freedom of speech really is in danger. Social networking is pretty liberal these days, all of it: Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Some of you may say, “Well, she broke the TOS of twitter”. I read the TOS on twitter and I don’t see anywhere where trolling, harassing others is against the rules. You can pretty much post what you want on twitter. If someone is bothering you on twitter, all you have to do is block them… that’s what I do.

I’m not a big fan of Azealia but she has the right to post what she wants on twitter. They suspended her ’cause she didn’t fit the “liberal” narrative. Quite sad. I do like the fact that she supports Trump, though. There’s a lot of black people that support Trump.



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