If you don’t care to investigate Obama’s life then I don’t care about Trump’s tax returns…

It’s pretty sickening to see that people want to get all over Trump about transparency and his tax returns. Really? Like the title says, if you don’t care to investigate Obama’s life then I won’t care about Trump’s tax returns. Why do people always have to be so fucking one-sided on the transparency issue? People have no problem getting on Trump, Romney and Cruz about “transparency” but when you get onto Obama about “transparency”, you get called a “birther” or a “conspiracy theorist”. It’s bullshit if you ask me.

It’s no secret that Obama has a lot of sealed records about his life… sealed birth certificate (the real one is still missing), birth records and college records. Many other things as well. We barely know anything about Obama and nobody bats an eye about it. Everybody have to defend Obama all the time. I wish people would investigate Obama just like you do with Trump, Romney, Cruz, Rubio, etc.

Trump has been the most transparent candidate then anybody in the past… they just do whatever they can to make Trump look bad. If Trump being the racist and woman hater doesn’t work, the media will try something else.

I’m real tired of the media continuing to act like Republicans are the bad guys and Democrats are the good guys. That’s the problem we’re having in America and it’s gotta stop.



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