Is there liberal bias in the facebook news trends? Of course there is, I always knew it…


If Mark Zuckerberg is denying it then it is probably true. Facebook is being accused of suppressing conservative news in the facebook trends and accusing FB of being liberal biased. Ya know like, FB treating conservative news negatively and always treating liberal news positively. That’s liberal bias.

I’ve always saw that the facebook news trends is full of liberal bias. I have always saw that ever since the facebook news trends was first put up. A lot of people want to pretend that liberal bias doesn’t exist but it really does. Liberal bias is everywhere… in social networking and in the news media.

If liberal bias in facebook news trends doesn’t exist then why does it always treat liberal views positively and conservative views negatively? There’s plenty of evidence of liberal bias in facebook like switching your facebook profile pic to a rainbow after gay marriage was legalized, FB treating LGBT rights positively, FB treating Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders like they’re god, FB treating Donald Trump like he’s the enemy, FB treating Caitlyn Jenner like a sweetheart, etc. Need I go on?

I have never seen FB trends treat conservative news positively. They don’t really trend conservative news anyways for example… they won’t defend traditional marriage, they won’t defend the 2nd amendment, they won’t trend news topics of Muslims hurting people, they won’t trend topics on illegal aliens hurting people either, they won’t trend topics that has something to do with patriotism and loving America, the trends won’t support the 2nd Amendment, the FB trends don’t support pro life, etc. Once again, need I go on? You get the idea.

I’m so sick of liberal bias everywhere. Ya know, I don’t mind liberal news… I just want the news to be fair on both sides of the spectrum, ya know? It’s fine that they want to report liberal news, I don’t give a shit. I just want the news to be honest regardless of political views and I think most Americans feel the same. That’s why we all want Donald Trump as president.


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