What happened to Jaliek Rainwalker? #JusticeForJaliek

Jaliek Rainwalker was a young Greenwich boy who disappeared back in 2007. I’ve been following this case ever since this kid disappeared. Following all the TV News reports and I’ve been googling on it and all that stuff. I’ve been following this story so since Jaliek Rainwalker was from my hometown of Greenwich, I’ve been thinking about him ever since he vanished. The more I learn about this story, the more it makes me think that something really bad has happened to this kid. So I’m with most everyone, that I think that the adoptive parents of this kid did something horrible to him. Like what everyone else is thinking, I too think his adoptive parents murdered him. Killed the kid and disposed the body. I’m just saying what everyone else is saying.

If you want to learn more about the Jaliek Rainwalker case yourself then check out this link and watch the videos below, you’ll see how the adoptive parents may have had something to do with Jaliek’s disappearance…


The adoptive parents claims they’re innocent and they claim to be doing all they can to help find this boy as well but if that was true then why did they move to West Rupert, Vermont and why did they hire a lawyer? Do these people have something to hide? If they really cared for the kid they would have stayed in Greenwich to find him but from the looks of things, they aren’t cooperative with police and they aren’t doing a damn thing. They just continue to live their lives, being all happy and stuff.

After a little digging online, I’ve discovered that the adoptive mother writes on a blog about parenting.


Then she writes a blog post titled, “After the Grief, We Chose Joy” which I’m pretty sure that post was about Jaliek. It’s a pretty evil thing to do to write a blog post about choosing “joy” and moving on over a missing child. It’s also pretty funny that this stupid woman would write on a blog and lecture people about parenting and one of her kids end up missing. If one of her kids end up missing (or possibly dead), that’s not good parenting. If she was a good parent then she would have done whatever it took to protect Jaliek but she never did that.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the adoptive parents of Jaliek did something evil to him.

My question is, why hasn’t anyone been held accountable? I say lock those two murdering pieces of shits up and throw them in prison where they belong. They’re gonna get caught and the police will nail them somehow. The adoptive parents won’t get away with it. Even better, I think they should give themselves up and turn themselves in to make things easier.



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