Why talking about politics is important and why you should take it seriously…

You hear people say it all the time… “I don’t get into politics”, “Would you stop talking about politics so much?” blah blah blah blah, you get the deal. There’s a lot of people that don’t get into politics at all and many get pissed off at all the politics discussion. I understand that people get frustrated and annoyed with politics but I think it’s important to get into. The reason I’m all over politics a lot lately is simply because I love America. I love our homeland. The home that I live in. I’m just doing whatever it takes to live and survive so I do it whatever it takes to defend America like everyone else is doing. That’s all I’m doing pretty much is helping to defend and protect America so in order to help protect and defend America you must speak about it. If you want to live yourself and if you want America to survive, you gotta speak out. Ya know, speak out at corrupted presidents and speak out at our corrupted government.

I know how some don’t like it when we get all over politics but America is our home. Try to understand that. We just want what is best for America and that’s why we do what we all do. We’re not gonna sit here and allow corrupted politicians to destroy our homeland. Not gonna happen. When the government and the president is corrupt and they’re doing whatever it takes to ruin our lives… we have every right to defend ourselves. The government and US presidents are gonna get us all killed one day. That’s why we do what we all do, ya know? Think about it.

People get pissed off at my politics and many accuse me of being a right-wing nutjob but I don’t care. I’m just scared for the safety of America like most which is why we’re all supporting Donald Trump. Trump wants to keep all of us safe and protect us all ’cause government is gonna get us all killed. That’s why we got Trump, y’all. We have every right to be scared of Muslims, illegal aliens and all that stuff. It’s a joke that the liberal community can’t see the danger we’re all in but they’re living in a delusional fantasy world that everything is so wonderful and lovable. If you can’t see how Muslims and illegal aliens are dangerous people then you are out of touch with reality. Naive and dumb.

We should have every right to be scared. That’s what we’re all are. We are scared. Scared of our current president and scared of our government. They’re gonna get us all killed. This is why we need Donald Trump so he can save us from the corrupted politicians and corrupted leaders. Trump is the only one who has the guts who wants to protect all of us and that’s why I fully support him.

I want to live my life and stay safe living in the USA ’cause I don’t feel safe here, don’t you? Obama doesn’t make us feel safe and we need a president who makes us feel safe. Donald Trump is the man.



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