Report: Dr. Pepper still sticking to their word about our FREE soda as the company promised!!!

Not too long ago, Dr. Pepper begged and begged Guns N’ Roses to release “Chinese Democracy”. A week later, Axl responded to the Dr. Pepper offer, saying that he is flattered as hell that Dr. Pepper supports the band and the long awaited album. Dr. Pepper desperately wanted Guns N’ Roses to release the album this year. The company is sticking to their word that now that the Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” release is real, every person in America gets a free Dr. Pepper.

The company explained before that this isn’t a ploy to help promote Dr. Pepper, they really wanted the band to release the long lost album.

On the release date, Nov. 23rd, to get your free can, go to the Dr. Pepper website where you can enter in your information and then they will send you the coupon so you can get a free can of Dr. Pepper anywhere the drink is sold in the USA.

Billboard reports:

How much do you want to bet that if Dr. Pepper didn’t offer Guns N’ Roses this, then the “Chinese Democracy” release would have been even longer to wait?

Axl just had to jump on this opportunity ’cause he knew this would help promote the album, big time.

You think “Chinese Democracy” will bomb in record sales? Hell NO. Not a fucking chance. With Dr. Pepper helping out to promote the album. It has a possibility of being the biggest album in years. It will definitely sell a lot more copies than Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” that’s for sure.

I see “Chinese Democracy” being no. 1 on the Billboard  200 for at least several weeks or a whole friggin’ year.


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