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PETA wants Cecil’s killer executed? Well check this out, PETA kills animals too!

Exposing PETA like the hypocrites they are. Where’s the outrage at PETA for killing their own animals? Don’t listen to PETA ’cause they are just as corrupted as our US government.



Pam Anderson releases steamy Valentine’s Day PETA video…

Supermodel Pam Anderson released a new video for PETA on Valentine’s Day that sends out a message that you should bring your dogs in during this Winter weather. No matter what you think of Pam Anderson… love her or hate her… you can’t deny this was HOT. I couldn’t help but smile watching this video. Despite her plastic surgery and breast implants, Pam Anderson is still a hottie. No wonder Tommy Lee and Kid Rock married her.

It’s an awesome video. I liked it! It’s a cute message too and a good way to do it!

Enjoy… here.


Thought: Is Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke into incest???

Here is the latest controversy with Hulk Hogan. For years, Hulk Hogan have been accused of being in an incest relationship with his own daughter, Brooke. The rumor hit hard on the internet with that pic above. Brooke recently posed nude for PETA as a charity type of thing and Hulk here is in the PETA offices in support of Brooke for the revealing of that poster.

As you can see, Hulk is covering her privates on the poster, and he looks like he is enjoying himself, clearly. Big smile and all. I know Hulk is only joking and fooling, but see how this would give people the wrong idea?

Brooke took to her twitter and defended herself and her father, she said…

“Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship! Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!”

Well, Brooke, if your Dad would stop being so touchy feely as if he’s enjoying it so much, then these rumors wouldn’t have started.

Does this pic remind you of something, Brooke? Daddy’s hand on his own daughter’s ass, you can clearly see it.

The Ultimate Warrior is correct when he says that Brooke and Nick are becoming more like Hulk.

I’m pretty sure Brooke and Hulk aren’t into incest, of course, but Hulk seems to be too obsessed with her it’s kind of creepy.


Thought: I think the Octo Mom should do porn!!!

There’s a lot of speculations online whether or not Nadya Suleman should work for porn or work for PETA. Nadya herself hasn’t yet said what she’s going to do but it’s likely she could do PETA.


I for one, hopes she does the porn. I doubt it but it would be cool. I used to hate this woman and used to find this woman annoying as hell, but her beauty is actually growing on me. She’s a gorgeous woman, you can’t deny that.

I’d love to see a nude Octo Mom any day!


Report: PETA at war with Ben & Jerry’s, wants famous ice cream giant to use human breast milk instead of cows…

PETA is on the attack again. The website that protests abuse against animals named PETA sent a letter to the Ben & Jerry’s company begging them to use baby breast milk from a human mother instead of using milk from cows. They feel that using milk from cows is abuse to them as well.

More on it here:


Can PETA become more insane? I wonder what breast milk would taste like at an adult age. The people at PETA must enjoy drinking breast milk if they want Ben & Jerry’s to use it that bad.

Maybe milk from cow farms should be banned in the USA and all milk bought from grocery stores should be breast milk instead.


Report: PETA not a fan of the “The Dark Knight” film…

A blogger from the PETA company seems to be offended at the new Batman film “The Dark Knight”. Why? Because there are scenes in the film where Batman is beating up police dogs.

Check out the blog at PETA here:


Come on now, it’s only a damn movie! I’m sure the dogs Batman punched are fine.