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About the Batman re-boot, questions…

So now that the Chrsitian Bale/Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy is over with and for good, Warner Bros. is of course, planning a re-boot. What worries me about the upcoming re-boot, is that who ever the next director is, he might try to copy Christopher Nolan’s style a bit. I hope they don’t do that. They need to take Batman into a different era. Just like what they are doing to the “Man of Steel” re-boot. You know how the “Man of Steel” re-boot is staying away from the Christopher Reeve/Donner stuff? The same needs to be done for Batman, next time.

I think the next Batman film, they need to use a different style of Batsuit ’cause the “Dark Knight” suit is getting old. They’ve been using the black rubber suit for over ten years since the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton era. I think it would be pretty sweet if WB’s went back to the Black and Blue style Batsuit. Make it an old school Batman film, just like what they’re doing with “Man of Steel”.

Yes, they would probably bring back the Joker played by a different actor for the re-boot but, they shouldn’t make the next Joker like the Heath Ledger one. They need to make that character differently as well.

Another question is, could the Batman re-boot be more successful than the Chris Nolan films? I don’t know. Tough to say. The casting, script and everything else needs to be good enough if they want people to take Batman seriously again. I feel bad for the Batman movie franchise ’cause the series has been re-booted for a few times already ’cause of directors dropping out and people moving on, and stuff. You get the deal. It’s hard to make a great Batman movie, and Christopher Nolan was the only one who can do it. Hopefully WB’s doesn’t go back to making bad Batman movies.

I guess the most important question, we’re all wondering is now that Christopher Nolan is done, what’s next? We’ll hear something soon.


Thought: What would the Batman movies be like without Christopher Nolan???

Chris Nolan announced the sad and not so surprising news that he’ll be quitting the Batman movies, after the “Dark Knight: Rises“. Warner Bros. will probably continue to make more Batman movies without Chris, but it makes you wonder what would happen if a director other than Chris helms a Batman movie? Here’s what I think. Nobody can make a better Batman movie than Christopher Nolan, period. I think we all know that. I’m a little worried that when Chris Nolan leaves after “DK: Rises”, the Batman franchise will go back to making crap movies again. Maybe a different director can make a good Batman movie, who knows…if a different director does happen to make a good Batman movie without Nolan being involved, it could be possible, but no other director could top Nolan. Nolan made the Batman movies the way they are supposed to be.

Hell, I’m even a little nervous about Chris Nolan’s “DK: Rises” flick that he’s planning. You’ll never know that the “DK: Rises” could turn out to be a shit movie or might turn out ok, but nothing will be better than ‘The Dark Knight” with Heath Ledger. I think, “The Dark Knight” is the best Batman movie out of all of them made from the past. I don’t just like, “The Dark Knight” just for Heath Ledger’s performance alone, he was great, don’t get me wrong. I like the whole movie overall ’cause it told a great story and the action was just amazing.

Don’t expect anybody to make a great Batman movie ever again. “The Dark Knight” was a very special film in so many ways. “The Dark Knight” should have gotten BEST PICTURE for the Oscars as well which didn’t make it that year. “The Dark Knight” was just a perfect Batman film, that I’ll never get tired of watching it. “Rises” won’t be any better, I bet your money on it. People want the next Batman flick to be better, but I don’t think it will happen. That’s how powerful, “The Dark Knight” film really is.

Just my 2cents folks, just don’t get all excited about “Rises” this soon.


Report: Michael Caine says Batman 3 to shoot in April…

Look like Christopher Nolan gave ,Michael Caine, the permission to let the media know when “Batman 3” will start shooting. Caine says they will start shooting “Batman 3” in April.

More on it here:


Well, it definitely looks like Caine is on board to coming back to the 3rd one. I’m sure the rest of the cast: Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and hopefully if Chris Nolan brings back Two-Face, maybe Aaron Eckhart will return too. I hope he brings Two-Face back ’cause that was a cool character. Plus Aaron Eckhart is a great actor. Hopefully Cillian Murphy will be back as Scarecrow too.

Would Maggie Gyllenhaal return? You asked yourself, how? She died in the “Dark Knight”. Well Chris Nolan could possibly bring her back to turn her into a villain. Maybe Maggie would be Catwoman? It would make a lot of sense if Catwoman was the next villain with Maggie playing her as, Rachel Dawes in a catsuit. Rachel was killed in an explosion at Harvey Dent’s home, Batman tries to save them both but he got there too late. Maggie could come back to destroy Batman for revenge and she could take the blame on him for her death. Harvey Dent/Two-Face could possibly bring her back to life somehow.

I think Catwoman should be the next villain, but if they use her, they need to use her right. Make it a different Catwoman. Maggie would make an interesting Catwoman if you think about it. I’m sure we will know who the villains will be soon.


Thought: What if Heath Ledger loses his Oscar…again?

Heath was once nominated for “Brokenback Mountain” in 2005, but he never got the win. Could the same happen this year? This is one of the award categories that can be unpredictable. Never assume that Heath Ledger could automatically get the win because of his death.

Could this be Robert Downey Jr’s lucky day and he could actually win for his role in “Tropic Thunder”? Could Josh Brolin get the lucky win for “Milk”? What about Phillip Seymour Hoffman for “Doubt”, or Michael Shannon for “Revolutionary Road”? Any of the other guys can get it.

It all depends on the most votes the Academy gave them the win for. If Robert Downey Jr. wins this, that would be shocking.

If Heath Ledger doesn’t win, then I think that’s what he would have wanted. I’ve read somewhere that he never really wanted to be an Oscar winner? I remember reading somewhere on the internet that Heath was relieved that he didn’t win for “Brokenback Mountain” for some reason. If Heath doesn’t win, then it’s no big deal for me and I’ll take it for what it is.

I’m sure there’ll be an angry public outrage by Batman fans if Heath doesn’t win but if you use a little common sense, if Heath was still alive today, he would think his performance is better than getting an Oscar nomination. So, he wouldn’t worry about losing an Oscar again. I don’t think he ever wanted to be an Oscar winner like he once said, so treat his true wishes with heart and respect.


Speaking of the Oscars…about the Dark Knight…just an observation…

Sid Ganis, the President of the Academy said, “Nominees, be warned, you’re in for a surprise”. Then he goes on explaining that they will play the nominations of the Oscars differently this year. What if…I’m saying WHAT IF!!! Somehow the Academy will take us all by surprise by somehow “secretly” sneaking in the “Dark Knight” for BEST PICTURE or other nominations? Is this a reason they’re keeping this all a secret?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….why so serious?


Report: Academy ballot voter speaks out on “The Dark Knight” snub…

“Dark Knight” fans are not the only people dissapointed and saddened by Oscar snubs for the top categories. Even some of the members of the Academy that voted on the ballots are dissapointed too.

One of them speaks out to E! online saying that “Dark Knight” not getting Best Picture and Christopher Nolan not getting Best Director is a shame, he plans on sending in a “write in” vote on the final ballot, meaning that voters still can fight for it to get nominated. It may not get the “Best Picture” nomination, but Chris Nolan still may have a chance in getting a late nomination addition for “Best Director” if they pursue the write in campaign.

Read more on it here:


“Dark Knight” getting ignored by the top categories is pretty unfair to the movie industry, I’m sure Chris Nolan himself might agree on that one ’cause he fought hard to get the film an Oscar nod.

I guess that’s what happens when ego’s and politics get in the way with the Academy Branch.


Thought: Why were “The Dark Knight”, Springsteen, Cyrus, and Eastwood snubbed from the Oscars?

Many shocking Oscar snubs that I’m sure dissapointed many movie fans. “The Dark Knight” was snubbed from the Best Picture Win, they also didn’t get anything for Best Director, Actor/actress, Screenplay, etc.

Clint Eastwood didn’t even get nominated for “Best Actor” in “Gran Torino” or “Best Director” for “Changeling/Gran Torino”. No Clint at the Oscars at all this year? WOW!!!!! SHOCKING!!!! Eastwood usually is at the Oscars every year. I’m sure he’ll still be there in person to enjoy the show though and maybe even present an award although he won’t be winning anything.

Springsteen didn’t even get nominated for his song “The Wrestler”, so I feel bad for the boss of Rock n’ Roll. Oh well, I’m sure he won’t care. I’m sure he’ll think his Golden Globe win, The Superbowl Halftime performance, him performing for Barack Obama at the Inaugural Celebration “We Are One”, and his new album with “Workin’ On a Dream” is good enough for him. I’m sure Springsteen feels bad about the Oscar snub, but hey, life goes on. He’s got better opportunities coming up ahead of him like the Superbowl performance.

The thing with the Academy, that there is so many great films that came out in the year 2008 that they can’t nominate everything, so that’s why the Academy members have to vote on the best work, to see which one is worthy enough. They don’t care about the mainstream popularity of the film or not, they’ll nominate films for the quality of the work. Not caring what the public thinks. It all depends on the voting with the members of the Academy, that’s how they do it with the voting ballots. It’s all about their opinion, they don’t care about the public’s opinion of what we think should be nominated.

As for Eastwood getting snubbed, there is always next time for him to try to star in a movie he directs where he can get Oscar nominated for Best Actor again, there’s always another time for him. He’s won two Best Directors in the past, so hopefully Eastwood will at least win one Best Actor award before he gets too old and his time is out if you know what I mean.

Tom Cruise was also snubbed a nomination for his role as Les Grossman for “Tropic Thunder” so that’s another shocker. As for Miley Cyrus, who cares, I’m sick of Miley.

As for the Academy ignoring the “Dark Knight”, it was a nice try for a comic book superhero movie to get nominated for the first time, it was that close. One day there will be a superhero movie that will land in the Oscars, maybe not the “Dark Knight” but maybe another superhero flick in the future. “The Dark Knight” did get an impressive 8 bids for the Best Pic nomination, so the film came this close. Unfortunately, the other films nominated were more popular than “The Dark Knight”.

Check out this article at Variety:



Report: “The Dark Knight” musical score back in the race for the Oscars!!!! :-)

A month ago, the AMPAS disqualified “The Dark Knight” from getting a chance at a nomination, due to five names being listed as composers on the cue sheets.

The AMPAS reviewed it’s information again after being submitted by it’s affective parties, now they are letting “The Dark Knight” get a chance at a nomination. They came to a realization that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are the creators of the musical score, not the other three that were named on the cue sheets.

Dark Horizons  reports:


GREAT NEWS!!!!! 🙂 “The Dark Knight” music score is amazing and it deserves a nomination. Now it’s been accepted for a nomination, I’m sure it will get the nomination. “The Dark Knight” will probably get a nomination on every category.

Speaking of “The Dark Knight”, the DVD/Blu Ray is being released in stores everywhere today. I won’t get my copy today since the Holidays are near, I’ll probably get it under the Christmas tree.


Report: “The Dark Knight” rises to serious contender…

When “The Dark Knight” was first released earlier this summer, everyone was hoping for Heath Ledger to get an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor, it looks like the film may just get more than that. The film is getting very close to getting a nomination for “Best Picture”, “Best Director for Christopher Nolan”, and even Christian Bale is considered for “Best Male In a Leading Role”. Expect the film to get more nominations like “Best Sound”, “Best Editing”, “Best Costuming”, etc.

The only nomination “The Dark Knight” will NOT get is for “Best Musical Score”, remember the Academy disqualified them for the musical score.

The Associated Press reports:


If “The Dark Knight”, “Frost/Nixon”, “Milk” and “Benjamin Button” do get nominated for “Best Picture” this year, which they probably will, this will be quite an interesting competition!!

I just know “The Dark Knight” will sweep everything and make history! A comic book superhero film never made the Oscars before and this could be the first time! Lets hope it will be the first time. I would be thrilled if “The Dark Knight” sweeps the Oscars as it would be amazing. If “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” can do it, so can “The Dark Knight”.

I don’t see “Milk” winning it ’cause that film is about a gay politician and if that film “Milk” gets “Best Picture” award, it could create controversy in the media. I don’t see “Frost/Nixon” winning “Best Picture” because Ron Howard seems to be hogging the Oscars everytime he makes a film, time to give someone else a chance. I don’t think Fincher’s “Benjamin Button” is even worthy of an award.

This is why I think “The Dark Knight” is going to win it no matter who is nominated. I sure can’t wait to see the official nominations. Since the Oscars is on Feb. 22nd of ’09, we’ll get the nominations at the end of January since “The Dark Knight” is coming back out in theaters that month. “The Dark Knight” will win Best Picture for 2009, mark my words.


Report: “The Dark Knight” musical score disqualified from Oscar nomination…

The committee of the Academy music branch disqaulified the rights for “The Dark Knight” musical score which was composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard from getting a nomination at the Oscars this year.

Yep, this means that “The Dark Knight” musical score will not get a nomination.

Read more here to find out why:


Kind of sucks. The score was amazing in the film. Oh well.

This does give a good sign that the Academy will nominate “The Dark Knight” for everything else, like for “Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Best Visual Effects”, “Best Costuming”, etc.

“The Dark Knight” will be huge for the Oscars. It’ll probably sweep everything.