Report: Academy ballot voter speaks out on “The Dark Knight” snub…

“Dark Knight” fans are not the only people dissapointed and saddened by Oscar snubs for the top categories. Even some of the members of the Academy that voted on the ballots are dissapointed too.

One of them speaks out to E! online saying that “Dark Knight” not getting Best Picture and Christopher Nolan not getting Best Director is a shame, he plans on sending in a “write in” vote on the final ballot, meaning that voters still can fight for it to get nominated. It may not get the “Best Picture” nomination, but Chris Nolan still may have a chance in getting a late nomination addition for “Best Director” if they pursue the write in campaign.

Read more on it here:

“Dark Knight” getting ignored by the top categories is pretty unfair to the movie industry, I’m sure Chris Nolan himself might agree on that one ’cause he fought hard to get the film an Oscar nod.

I guess that’s what happens when ego’s and politics get in the way with the Academy Branch.


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