Report: “The Dark Knight” musical score back in the race for the Oscars!!!! :-)

A month ago, the AMPAS disqualified “The Dark Knight” from getting a chance at a nomination, due to five names being listed as composers on the cue sheets.

The AMPAS reviewed it’s information again after being submitted by it’s affective parties, now they are letting “The Dark Knight” get a chance at a nomination. They came to a realization that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are the creators of the musical score, not the other three that were named on the cue sheets.

Dark Horizons  reports:

GREAT NEWS!!!!! 🙂 “The Dark Knight” music score is amazing and it deserves a nomination. Now it’s been accepted for a nomination, I’m sure it will get the nomination. “The Dark Knight” will probably get a nomination on every category.

Speaking of “The Dark Knight”, the DVD/Blu Ray is being released in stores everywhere today. I won’t get my copy today since the Holidays are near, I’ll probably get it under the Christmas tree.


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