Thought: What would the Batman movies be like without Christopher Nolan???

Chris Nolan announced the sad and not so surprising news that he’ll be quitting the Batman movies, after the “Dark Knight: Rises“. Warner Bros. will probably continue to make more Batman movies without Chris, but it makes you wonder what would happen if a director other than Chris helms a Batman movie? Here’s what I think. Nobody can make a better Batman movie than Christopher Nolan, period. I think we all know that. I’m a little worried that when Chris Nolan leaves after “DK: Rises”, the Batman franchise will go back to making crap movies again. Maybe a different director can make a good Batman movie, who knows…if a different director does happen to make a good Batman movie without Nolan being involved, it could be possible, but no other director could top Nolan. Nolan made the Batman movies the way they are supposed to be.

Hell, I’m even a little nervous about Chris Nolan’s “DK: Rises” flick that he’s planning. You’ll never know that the “DK: Rises” could turn out to be a shit movie or might turn out ok, but nothing will be better than ‘The Dark Knight” with Heath Ledger. I think, “The Dark Knight” is the best Batman movie out of all of them made from the past. I don’t just like, “The Dark Knight” just for Heath Ledger’s performance alone, he was great, don’t get me wrong. I like the whole movie overall ’cause it told a great story and the action was just amazing.

Don’t expect anybody to make a great Batman movie ever again. “The Dark Knight” was a very special film in so many ways. “The Dark Knight” should have gotten BEST PICTURE for the Oscars as well which didn’t make it that year. “The Dark Knight” was just a perfect Batman film, that I’ll never get tired of watching it. “Rises” won’t be any better, I bet your money on it. People want the next Batman flick to be better, but I don’t think it will happen. That’s how powerful, “The Dark Knight” film really is.

Just my 2cents folks, just don’t get all excited about “Rises” this soon.


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