Report: “The Dark Knight” rises to serious contender…

When “The Dark Knight” was first released earlier this summer, everyone was hoping for Heath Ledger to get an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor, it looks like the film may just get more than that. The film is getting very close to getting a nomination for “Best Picture”, “Best Director for Christopher Nolan”, and even Christian Bale is considered for “Best Male In a Leading Role”. Expect the film to get more nominations like “Best Sound”, “Best Editing”, “Best Costuming”, etc.

The only nomination “The Dark Knight” will NOT get is for “Best Musical Score”, remember the Academy disqualified them for the musical score.

The Associated Press reports:

If “The Dark Knight”, “Frost/Nixon”, “Milk” and “Benjamin Button” do get nominated for “Best Picture” this year, which they probably will, this will be quite an interesting competition!!

I just know “The Dark Knight” will sweep everything and make history! A comic book superhero film never made the Oscars before and this could be the first time! Lets hope it will be the first time. I would be thrilled if “The Dark Knight” sweeps the Oscars as it would be amazing. If “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” can do it, so can “The Dark Knight”.

I don’t see “Milk” winning it ’cause that film is about a gay politician and if that film “Milk” gets “Best Picture” award, it could create controversy in the media. I don’t see “Frost/Nixon” winning “Best Picture” because Ron Howard seems to be hogging the Oscars everytime he makes a film, time to give someone else a chance. I don’t think Fincher’s “Benjamin Button” is even worthy of an award.

This is why I think “The Dark Knight” is going to win it no matter who is nominated. I sure can’t wait to see the official nominations. Since the Oscars is on Feb. 22nd of ’09, we’ll get the nominations at the end of January since “The Dark Knight” is coming back out in theaters that month. “The Dark Knight” will win Best Picture for 2009, mark my words.


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