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Report: Michael Caine says Batman 3 to shoot in April…

Look like Christopher Nolan gave ,Michael Caine, the permission to let the media know when “Batman 3” will start shooting. Caine says they will start shooting “Batman 3” in April.

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Well, it definitely looks like Caine is on board to coming back to the 3rd one. I’m sure the rest of the cast: Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and hopefully if Chris Nolan brings back Two-Face, maybe Aaron Eckhart will return too. I hope he brings Two-Face back ’cause that was a cool character. Plus Aaron Eckhart is a great actor. Hopefully Cillian Murphy will be back as Scarecrow too.

Would Maggie Gyllenhaal return? You asked yourself, how? She died in the “Dark Knight”. Well Chris Nolan could possibly bring her back to turn her into a villain. Maybe Maggie would be Catwoman? It would make a lot of sense if Catwoman was the next villain with Maggie playing her as, Rachel Dawes in a catsuit. Rachel was killed in an explosion at Harvey Dent’s home, Batman tries to save them both but he got there too late. Maggie could come back to destroy Batman for revenge and she could take the blame on him for her death. Harvey Dent/Two-Face could possibly bring her back to life somehow.

I think Catwoman should be the next villain, but if they use her, they need to use her right. Make it a different Catwoman. Maggie would make an interesting Catwoman if you think about it. I’m sure we will know who the villains will be soon.