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Cool Photo: Get your first look at Nadya Suleman aka Octomom in her upcoming porn!!!

Even though I don’t support TMZ anymore, I just had to post this. Here’s your first preview of Octomom’s upcoming porn. If you don’t think that’s hot, then you’re crazy. To those who say she’s not hot, just don’t want to admit, the guys really want to bang her. I sure would, seriously….sure can’t wait to see her naked tits!!!

See the photo here


Just admit it, Nadya Suleman, could become a huge porn star if she wanted to…

So Nadya Suleman, aka Octo-Mom, finally agrees to sign to work with Vivid. I know she’s a controversial woman and pretty hated in the United States, but I think she could be a big porn star if she wanted that opportunity. She said she wasn’t going to do any hardcore sex, just a masturbation kind of thing. That’s what the reports say she’s going to do, I believe. Whether she does hardcore/softcore porn or masturbation, I’m cool with it either way. Just admit, she’s pretty fucking HOT.

I would date her for sure, but she would want to make sure you’re wealthy enough to help take care of her kids. So you have a tight budget, she wouldn’t want to date you. She’s a gorgeous woman, though, and just my age too!

She could become the next Jenna Jameson or Anna Nicole Smith, if she really wanted to go that far. I can see why the porn industry wants her so bad. She can count me in as a fan and supporter. I’m looking forward to her porn movie, and will try to order the DVD when it’s out.


Thought: I think the Octo Mom should do porn!!!

There’s a lot of speculations online whether or not Nadya Suleman should work for porn or work for PETA. Nadya herself hasn’t yet said what she’s going to do but it’s likely she could do PETA.


I for one, hopes she does the porn. I doubt it but it would be cool. I used to hate this woman and used to find this woman annoying as hell, but her beauty is actually growing on me. She’s a gorgeous woman, you can’t deny that.

I’d love to see a nude Octo Mom any day!


Report: Nadya Suleman…Octoporn???

I know I said I would never write about her again, but I couldn’t resist this one. Vivid Entertainment is interested in turning Nadya Suleman into a porn star. They are interested in signing her to star in a porn film for a $1 million dollar deal. They want her to have sex with 8 different men in 8 different scenes.

The studio, is inviting her to sit and talk with the porn industry giant.

FOX News reports:


I know I said quite a lot of negative things about her, but I’ll say something positive for once. She should go for it. It’s work and it’s money. A good opportunity. You’d be a fool if you refuse this. Plus, I’m beggining to see that Nadya is kind of cute looking. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said “yes” to this deal. I would watch her porn if she did this.


RANT: I’m so sick of Octomom, Nadya Suleman…

My god, what is so fucking special about this woman? I never really blog about her but I gotta get this off my chest to get it out of me. I’ll just say this just once. I AM SO SICK OF SEEING THIS WOMAN EVERYWHERE! Yes. This stupid woman is everywhere.

You look on every news website when reading your daily news, there she is, no matter what website you’re on, you’ll see her picture everywhere and news reporting all kinds of bullshit about her. You’re watching TV, she’s even on every fucking news channel and even MSNBC. You go to the grocery store to pick up the newspaper, and there she is on almost every front cover every day!!!!

This gives me a headache. I hate seeing Nadya everywhere. I don’t even follow her news, I don’t read her news. So I could care less about this woman’s life. Next thing you know, TV will give her a job by letting her have her own TV show or she might get acting roles for TV/film, because Hollywood and TV will feel sorry for her that she can’t take care of herself.

A damn media whore as a ploy to make her rich and famous to care for her kids. I hope Angelina and Nadya don’t meet face to face in person. I’m sure Angelina is not liking it too. What’s crazy, is that they both look and talk almost alike, are they identical twins? Gee, I hope not.

The media needs to stop giving her so much attention. I’ve read the latest news that TLC (The Learning Channel) wants nothing to do with Nadya, so that’s great to read. So maybe her 15 minutes of fame will be over with soon. I think the whole story is disgusting, fake and wrong. Do not make Nadya an entertainment star. I beg of you. A talentless and egostitical woman who doesn’t deserve the attention she’s getting. All this makes me sick. Her publicists left her, because in reality, they probably despise her too. This is my last and final post about her. End rant.